Tech Pitch: DICE

Created by the names behind ustwo and Modular Records, DICE is the new no-fee music app that wants to "put an end to secondary ticketing"...

Company name: DICE
Founders: Phil Hutcheon (40), John ‘Sinx’ Sinclair (37) and Matt ‘Mills’ Miller (37)
Background: Hutcheon previously ran record label Modular Records and founded his own label Deadly People. Sinx and Mills are the founders of multi-million digital product studio ustwo.
Based in: Shoreditch, London

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

DICE is 100% mobile. We allow fans to discover and buy tickets to the best gigs with no booking fees.Each gig featured on DICE is hand-picked by a world-class editorial team headed up by Vice alumni Russ Tannen and former Radio 1 DJ Jen Long. Our tickets live on your phone so there’s no printing.

The app also has a unique feature called ‘Waiting List’, which lets fans request tickets to sold out shows. If you can no longer attend a gig that you’ve booked tickets for you can simply send them back to us for a full refund; these tickets are then passed on to those who have added themselves to the waiting list.

DICE was a launch partner for Apple Pay, was included in the Guardian’s round-up of the Best Apps of 2014 and has been featured multiple times in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

They key difference with DICE is that we’re focused on the fans and artists. Booking fees are the legacy of an industry that had to print off tickets, perforate them, manually put them in envelopes and post them out to customers.

With DICE we send an electronic copy of the ticket direct to your phone so it doesn’t make sense for us to charge a booking fee. Musicians should know who is selling tickets to their concerts so we’ve built the platform in such a way that it protects artists from institutionalised secondary ticketing.  The beauty of being 100% mobile is that you can’t resell our tickets on another site, they’re digitally linked to the device they’re purchased on.

Are you funded?

We have £2.5m in seed funding from White Star Capital, Tim Clarke and David Enthoven (Robbie Williams/Passenger management), Awy Julianto, Karen Hanton (founder of Toptable), Mustafa Suleyman and Demis Hassabis (founders of Deep Mind Technologies), Angus Baskerville (partner at 13 Artists), Bob Angus ( founder of Metropolis) Andrew Bredon (CTO of Secret Escapes) and Duncan Jennings (founder of Voucher Codes), amongst others.

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What were you doing before starting?

Hutcheon is CEO of DICE. Prior to DICE he ran Modular Records (home to Wolfmother, Black Keys, Cut Copy, Ladyhawke, Soulwax and the Klaxons amongst others) before going on to found his own label, music management and events company, Deadly People. During the course of his career, Hutcheon has signed multiple global artists overseeing recording, licensing, ticketing, events and everything in between.

Sinx and Mills are the founders of ustwo. With studios in New York, London, Malmö, and Sydney ustwo employs over 250 talented product designers responsible for creating some of the world’s best digital experiences and products.

ustwo pushes the frontiers of digital product design and is most recently responsible for ‘Monument Valley’-a game that won the Apple Design Award 2014, was named Apple Game of the Year 2014, won two BAFTAs, three GDCs and was featured on Netflix’s House of Cards. ustwo is recognised for industry changing technology products such as Barclays’ Pingit app, Hudl, Tesco’s 7in tablet computer and Google Wear.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

We’re in the Tea Building right in the heart of Shoreditch. The area has transformed massively but there’s still a great community here who are always ready to share ideas and push each other on.


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