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Tech Pitch: everyLIFE Technologies

Looking to modernise social care processes - and eliminate paperwork - this start-up's mobile management platform shows real-time care records and data

Company name: everyLIFE Technologies
Founder: Paul Barry, 48
Background: Barry gained experience of care management through building a home care service with five offices between London and the South Coast. Previously, he led IBM's risk and consulting practice in the UK.
Based in: Farnham, Surrey
Launched: September 2014

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

  • everyLIFE Technologies transforms social care through an intelligent care management software platform; The PASSsystem.
  • It eliminates time-consuming paperwork and dramatically reduces the risk of medicines mismanagement through the real-time delivery and analysis of care notes.
  • It drives up the quality of care, while also delivering breakthrough efficiencies and service compliance.
  • The PASSsystem is the only care management system that is NICE compliant, repeatedly referenced in CQC and Care Inspectorate reports, and recommended by NHS England.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

The care industry is paper-based, not real-time, often error prone and generally inefficient. It required a digital software platform to improve care quality and to modernise inefficient processes. The market has begun to embrace this real-time view of care provision that delivers person-centred care that supports vulnerable people.

You can order a book on Amazon today and know everything about the quality and timing of its delivery. You cannot say the same about the delivery of your own relative’s critical care. We are changing this.

Is everyLIFE Technologies funded?

everyLIFE Technologies closed a £4.13m funding round in December 2016, and has now raised over £7m since its formation in 2014.

What were you doing before you started everyLIFE Technologies?

I am a qualified chartered accountant with a degree in electronic engineering. I gained experience of care management through my ownership of six home care offices. Previously, I was head of risk and compliance consulting at IBM UK and an investment banker at Citigroup and HSBC.

What’s the best thing about being based Farnham?

Farnham is very well connected to the national and international transport infrastructure. It is also surrounded by many great universities and colleges and technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM and McLaren so we have no shortage of high-level engineers and developers to work on our platform.


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