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Tech Pitch: Expressly

Set to "change the way we shop forever", Expressly's founding trio discuss improving e-commerce and why London "is the best place to call home"...

Company name: Expressly
Founders: Andrea Tricoli (36), Fabrizio Fantini (37), and Marc Smith (41)
Background: Tricoli – Former McKinsey consultant with an engineering MSc from Columbia MA, Fantini – Also an ex-McKinsey consultant with an MBA from Harvard university, Smith – Serial entrepreneur with 17 years' experience in software engineering. 
Based in: London

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

Expressly helps any two internet properties connect directly and securely. We power back-end PowerLinks that seamlessly migrate customers across e-commerce platforms, leveraging existing registration data of the source website so the user can buy with 1-click from an entirely new shop.

The process is as simple as Amazon 1-click checkout, but for the entire internet.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

Online sellers are forced to pay incredibly high customer acquisition costs to grow their internet presence today. Expressly’s improved journey leads to 10-20 times more leads, and to an immediately higher conversion. Also, merchants receive all of the relevant customer details rather than just clicks.

Expressly also benefits shoppers. It removes frustration, unnecessary friction and low conversion as it takes away the requirement for the customer to re-validate their identity by re-typing details at every digital store they shop at. Additionally, the platform hugely improves security and privacy for customers.

Are you funded?

£700,000 seed funding. In three to five years we estimate that there is a £20m EBITDA opportunity for Expressly in the UK.

What were you doing before starting?

In 2013, co-founders Tricoli and Fantini – then McKinsey consultants – teamed up to make the e-commerce experience as welcoming as when shopping on the high street.

What started as a ‘part-time hobby' gained enthusiastic momentum and quickly became a full-time commitment which was when Smith joined as CTO.

As a result, we launched Expressly in 2014 with the aspiration to change how we shop online forever.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

London is not only the fastest growing start-up ecosystem worldwide but also one of the largest e-commerce hubs, with digital marketing spending worth £10bn a year – making London the place to be for a start-up disrupting the digital marketing arena like us.

Also, with London being the melting pot it is, we've been able to attract the very best team from the diverse talent pool of the city. Overall, the capital is just a great place to call home!


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