Tech Pitch: Geniac

The founders of the all-in-one accounts, legal, HR and admin platform talk business inspiration and creating bases in London, Scotland and Spain

Company name: Geniac
Founders: Mike Galvin (38) and Eduardo Martinez (38)
Background: Both Galvin and Martinez held senior positions at Accenture, where they met over a decade ago. They went on to found multiple businesses and tech start-ups before Geniac
Based in: London, Glasgow and Madrid
Launched: January 2014

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

Geniac is a clever platform that helps entrepreneurs build better businesses. Through the platform we connect the essentials – legal, HR, corporate admin, accounts too – plus each customer has a dedicated business manager. It’s a unique combination of technology and people – we like to say we’re tech on the outside and human on the inside. We give businesses an edge: more control, time to think and data to grow.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

There are many individual services available to business owners to cover all aspects of running a business: you could pay a lawyer to draft your shareholder’s agreements and review your employment contracts, you could do your accounts yourself with an online package, and you could pay an accountant to run your payroll. The issue is that these options require significant investments of money or time – and start-ups have too little of both.

The convenience of technology and the expertise of business professionals hadn’t been combined in a cost-effective way until we came along. Plus Geniac is the only platform to offer it all in one place, giving you better visibility and helping you make smarter decisions.

Are you funded?

Geniac is backed by accountancy powerhouse Grant Thornton. Our partnership with Grant Thornton came with a significant investment.

What were you doing before starting?

We met while working at Accenture and found that we both have a love for tech start-ups. That’s when we decided to work together.

After starting a few businesses we found dealing with multiple stakeholders and professional advisers very frustrating – it was distracting us from our primary focus which was business growth. We felt it should be much easier to run a business.

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That’s the feeling that lead to the idea for Geniac – a single business platform for scaling businesses.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

Because Geniac is the start-up for start-ups, London is the best place for us right now. Our offices are just moments from Silicon Roundabout (Old Street). We also have an office at WeWork which is a great community of entrepreneurs – some of our customers are in our building!

London is the headquarters for driven, talented and innovative entrepreneurs and we’re glad we can play a part in their success. However we recognise it’s not all about the capital – or even the UK – so we’ve also got a fantastic centre focused on customer success in Glasgow and a cracking extended development team in Madrid.


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