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Tech Pitch:

Following the trend for on-demand apps, the founder of SellMyMobile and LoveSales talks to about his latest venture...

Company name:
Founder: Keir McConomy (40)
Background: McConomy has a track record of establishing successful digital businesses including multi-million pound phone recycling business, as well as price drop alert service
Based in: Burntwood, Staffordshire

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

  • is a mobile phone repair business. But what’s unique about iMend is that it is the UK’s first nationwide call-out phone repair service.
  • If you break your phone, instead of the hassle of going to a shop or having to send your phone away for repair, we’ll send an experienced repair technician to come directly to you to fix your phone securely in front of you at your convenience.
  • In most cases we aim to send out a repair technician on the same day. All prices are fixed and agreed before sending out an engineer, and if they can’t fix your device, you don’t pay.

Tell us why there’s a need and how you are shaking up the industry?

We’re so reliant on our phones – our research shows that 40% of Brits wouldn’t go for more than a day without a working phone. But if your phone breaks it can be a real hassle getting it fixed – you have to find a repair shop which may not be close byand then you may have to leave it behind with worries about data security. This seems very outdated in a world where we expect to be able to get things on demand.

There are now plenty of apps where you can call out anything from taxis, to cleaners, to beauticians, so why not mobile phone repairs? Our aim is to provide a much smarter and more convenient way for people to get their phones fixed so, if their smartphone does break, they can feel assured that it can get fixed quickly and easily on their own terms.

Are you funded? is privately funded by the company’s founders.

What were you doing before starting?

I’ve been involved in technology for years and have always been interested in how the internet has disrupted so many industries to help provide a better experience for consumers – whether that’s through offering a better service, or better value for money.

Before starting, I founded a number of other online technology businesses. My first business was an affiliate marketing business which grew from my bedroom to a multi-million pound company. I then set up in 2009 and it’s now the leading mobile phone recycling price comparison site in the UK and US.

I also founded which is a free price drop alert service that alerts you when the products you want to buy go on sale.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

I was born in Birmingham and am now based in Burntwood so the West Midlands still remains my home. It’s difficult to pick out just one thing which is great about the area. Not only is it a lovely place to live, but the business community is thriving.

Birmingham as a city is seeing lots of investment and it’s a leading start-up hub outside of London – in the last year alone 19,000 new businesses set up in Birmingham. It’s more affordable and is attracting great talent, so it’s certainly an excellent place for a technology start-up to be based.

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