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Tech Pitch: LyteSpark

Taking on video conferencing heavyweights, this tech start-up believes it has the potential to make online meetings more efficient than face-to-face

Company name: LyteSpark
Founders: Alex Hunte (38) and Igor Pavlov (27)
Background: Hunte – Project management, sports management, digital media, marketing and communications. Pavlov' – Software developer, with expertise in real-time applications and video communications.
Based in: London

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

  •  LyteSpark is a video conferencing solution, designed to help connect remote teams, clients, customers or suppliers.
  • Users create video conferencing rooms to host their meeting attendees in their own beautiful, branded environment.
  • With no downloads or software installation, your attendees can join you instantly.
  • It's ultimately an intuitive experience that makes online communication as easy as talking to the person next to you. Put plainly, it’s a comfortable place to talk!

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

No current supplier of video conferencing offers a single solution that meets all of the requirements for hosting a successful virtual meeting, which means that companies have to use a combination of several products. The overall experience is lacking and, as a result, video conferencing is not widely used by businesses as an alternative to a phone call or meeting in person.

LyteSpark is not just a platform for video conferencing, but a complete solution. Instead of replicating the current video conferencing tools on the market, we took a different approach, focusing on creating an intuitive experience that makes communication easy and effective.

It has a host of tools and features to aid communication such as instant access (without software downloads), editing documents in real time, shared whiteboards for notes and brainstorming and reusable meeting rooms for your team. By using technology intelligently, we believe online meetings have the potential to be even more efficient than meeting in person.

Are you funded?

We have received £100,000 from the Northstar Ventures proof of concept fund. This was part of a round of £140,000 with the additional £40,000 from private angels. We have previously raised £150,000 consisting of £80,000 from private angels and £70,000 from the TSB SMART fund; benchmarked against our competitors we have achieved an incredible amount with very little.

What were you doing before starting?

Hunte: Both Pavlov and I come from backgrounds unrelated to video conferencing or corporate software development.

Before starting LyteSpark, I worked for sports start-ups, media and management companies including UEFA, The Express, Sportal and EMAP. I attended a lot of meetings around Europe, many of them short, and always believed there had to be a more efficient way.

Pavlov is an experienced software engineer. Having graduated from Moscow State University, he worked as a programmer at MadGroup Ltd. and the Skolkovo Foundation before becoming an independent development consultant for startups. His specialty is communication software engineering.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

Business in London is thriving and the city is home to hundreds of disruptive start-ups and innovative small businesses. Not only is this an inspiring environment to be a part of, there is also a real demand for technology and innovation that will enhance the way we work, communicate and help small businesses to grow.

London’s Tech City sits alongside those of New York and San Francisco. It’s great to have created something that can support the momentum around technology and startups in London and across the globe.


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