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Tech Pitch: MealFix

Tired of queuing for dreary meal deals? This start-up is partnering with local restaurants to bring working Londoners fast, affordable, high-quality lunches

Company name: MealFix
Founder: Andrew Moss
Background: Moss is a seasoned entrepreneur, operator, adviser and opportunistic investor focused on opportunities that enhance connections in communities. Over the past 15 years, Moss has founded several notable companies in areas of consumer internet and value investing and has helped to launch and build CustomInk/Booster, Flagg Street Capital, BuyWithMe and SparkCommerce.
Based in: Soho, London and Boston, USA
Launched: November 2016

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

MealFix allows busy people to eat better, smarter, quicker and for less money by working with independent restaurants to develop new grab-and-go lunch specials, all available via our easy-to-use click and collect lunch platform.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

The average working person spends a significant amount on lunch, and is often dissatisfied with the options available to them within their time-sensitive lunch-breaks. By aggregating demand and partnering with amazing local restaurants, we are increasing efficiency of orders to bring down people’s weekly food costs and skip the usual lunch queues.

MealFix aims to give Londoners access to high-quality restaurant fare for the price of a sandwich, crisps and a drink from high street grab-and-go providers.

Is MealFix funded?

Yes, we’re funded by strategic angel investors who have experience in building the original food delivery business SeamlessWeb and popular B2C businesses like Blue Apron and HomeChef.

What were you doing before you started MealFix?

Our team has built a few other successful (and some unsuccessful) start-ups including Customink/Booster, BuyWithMe, the first competitor to Groupon, and SparkCommerce.

What’s the best thing about being based in London?

The best thing about being based in London is the awesome food selection from local restaurants such as Neil's Yard Pride Kitchen, &Pasta, Absurd Bird, Yalla Yalla, Melt Room, Tostado, The Potato Project and more.

Another aspect is the vibrant young working population looking for innovative new solutions and improvements for everyday problems; like ours.

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