Tech Pitch: Nideo

Startups gets to grips with the online platform which is able to identify exactly which companies are watching your videos...

Company name: Nideo
Founders: James Hakesley, COO (24 ) and Roy Kimani, CEO (26)
Background: Kimani and Hakesley are also co-founders of online video learning resource Fidgit Box
Based in: Twyford, Reading

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

Nideo is a complete, easy to use online video management and tracking platform for business. This provides a single environment where you can upload, store, manage, protect, publish, syndicate, track and measure online video.

Nideo is unique in providing in depth marketing functionality focused on businesses, even going as far as to report who has viewed content.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

Nideo was founded as a result of a simple observation: the use of video is increasing and businesses are underserved when in comes to online video platforms. This mismatch led Roy Kimani and James Hakesley to form the idea behind Nideo.

In the past, it was enough for a business to simply know that their video had been watched. Nideo is unique in providing in depth marketing functionality by not only giving you video metrics but also identifying which companies are specifically watching your content.

Are you funded?

Yes! Nideo received £500,000 in private funding from an experienced investor group with a proven record of accomplishment in building successful high tech businesses from scratch.

What were you doing before starting?

CEO and co-founder Roy Kimani: Kimani hails from a background of brand design and is a graduate of the University of the Creative Arts where he studied and graduated in product design with First Class Honours. Kimani’s entrepreneurial spirit started in his first year at University when he and Hakesley ran a number of profitable ventures to help finance their studies.

Kimani has gone on to run two successful businesses with Hakesley, most recognisably Fidgit Box, an online resource platform for students to learn through video.Shortly after launch, various businesses approached the pair to produce videos for their companies. Before long, they were producing content for a wide range of clientele from fashion designers to local businesses to widely renowned national corporate companies such as Go Squared, Enternships, Michael Kiwanuka, Thomas Codd London, Central Working, Hewland Engineering and The British Contract Furnishing Association

It was during this time that the duo noticed the need that industrial leaders within the corporate community had for video; this was the brainchild for Nideo.

COO and co-founder James Hakesley: Hakesley graduated from the University of the Creative Arts with First Class Honours in contemporary photographic practice.  Embarking on joint business ventures with Kamani, Hakesley’s first taste of success was in his first year at University after creating merchandise where each garment was sold for a profitable mark-up.

With a flair for photography, Hakesley soon noticed an opportunity to use the readily available equipment to start a business in local photographic events, which again was soon to demonstrate profit growth.

After great success with Fidgit Box, the pair noticed a wide gap in the commercial space for an online video platform, specifically catering to businesses and their video needs.  With their wealth of knowledge in the production sphere, the duo launched Nideo and were soon contacted by investors to develop and grow the site.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

Reading is uniquely placed with a large number of global players in the technology space based in this area. Microsoft, Sage, Oracle etc

The convenience of also only being 30 minutes outside of London enable tech companies to create, test and market their products to some of the world’s most influential technology buyers and investors.

It is a great location and the common network of contacts and businesses is increasing exponentially.


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