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Tech Pitch: Orderella

The CEO of the mobile waiter service on how pub drinking inspired him to start a business, tapping in to the “now generation”, and plans to raise £5m

Company name: Orderella
Founders: Dennis Collet; CEO, Christopher Friese; BDM, Arlen Vartazarian; CTO, Michael Zeitler; COO and Maximilian Schwab; Legal
Background: Collet: Various roles in finance and consulting
Based in: London

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

Orderella is a free app which allows you to order AND pay by mobile device. Orderella turns your phone into your personalised mobile waiter and enables you to get service when and how you want it allowing you to spend more time socialising with friends rather than queuing.

It removes the pain points of going out and eliminates the need for card and cash payments enabling operators to focus on customer service. Operators and brands gain deeper customer insights with Orderella as previously offline data (who bought what when) is captured online.

It also allows bar and restaurant staff to keep up with service levels and concentrate more on customer service as well removing the need to take payment, the only part of a transaction that offers no value add back to the business.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

Orderella was born in a busy pub in London, where we (the founders) experienced how a fun night out can become painful by wasting too much time queuing at the bar rather than spending time together and socialising – the real reason anyone goes out in the first place.

Today’s consumer has never been more connected and in turn they have never been more expectant. With the creation of the smartphone, we’re constantly in touch with who we want and can find out whatever we want at the touch of a button wherever we are. We are also the now generation with an expectation of convenience everywhere. This expectation doesn’t stop the minute we enter or bar or pub, so venues need to embrace technology in order to capture their audience’s attention and retain their business.

We recently teamed up with the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers and put together a report called the Always On trade report which highlighted that the hospitality industry is moving more towards technology innovation. We have seen sales increases of up to 11% in our venues purely from offering a better service through Orderella.

Are you funded?

The development and launch of Orderella was entirely funded by our five founders, through rigorous financial planning and bootstrapping before launching.

Since then we have successfully completed two Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) fundraises and we have raised £1.6m to date. The next step is to look for a Series A VC partner and to raise £5m, something which is currently in the works. This will help to cement our leadership position in the UK and fund potential future international expansion.

What were you doing before starting?

I’m originally from Germany but now a long-term Londoner. Graduating from Copenhagen Business School with a Masters in International Economics of Strategy and Governance, I held various strategy roles in finance and consulting before setting up Orderella.

The idea for Orderella came about in a pub with friends one night after experiencing the frustrations of queuing. It was my turn to queue up for drinks at the bar and after waiting a while, we decided there must be a better option. We researched the concept and found that no-one else was doing anything in this space, so Orderella was born.

We were amazed that you could order a cab from miles away, but not a drink from inside the venue you’re currently sitting in. We’ve built the company from the ground up and we’re now in over 200 venues across the UK & Ireland and have partnerships with Jägermeister, Guinness and PayPal.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

We have venues across the UK and Ireland but it’s great to have our head office based out of London for many reasons. London is the tech start-up hub of the UK, where there is always something new and exciting happening. We’re also able to get involved with some great venues, events and projects because of the talent that London attracts.


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