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Tech Pitch: Quiqup

Accidentally left your keys at work? No problem - this start-up promises to pick up and drop off anything, from forgotten possessions to snacks and shopping

Company name: Quiqup
Founders: Bassel El-Koussa (30), Federico Ferraro (27), Danny Hawkins (36), Rami Idriss (28) and Tim Linssen (29)
Background: El-Koussa has worked for his family business, in a venture capital firm, and is the CEO of Quiqup
Based in: London
Launched: 2014

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

  • Quiqup offers on-demand logistics services to consumers and businesses in London. This makes it easy for consumers to get things picked up and allows businesses of all sizes to offer on-demand and same-day delivery to their customers.
  • For example, we can pick up and deliver keys you left at work, enable a national retailer to offer on-demand delivery from their website, or make it possible for small businesses to compete with e-commerce businesses.
  • Our goal is to use technology to make on-demand delivery faster, more efficient and more affordable than ever before.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

Previously, on-demand logistics and delivery have been inaccessible to the mass market. Cumbersome, complicated and expensive, these services haven’t been viable for most businesses or attractive to most consumers. Quiqup offers a solution to these problems, adopting a technology-led approach which enables us to roll out a logistics service that is quick, trustworthy and cost-efficient.

For instance, we offer retail partnerships, which provide businesses with access to our logistics infrastructure, allowing them to offer on-demand delivery to any customers within a 6km radius from their store.

We also offer an API integration system for businesses with their own e-commerce solution. Customers can order items for instant delivery on the business’s website or app by simply selecting the Quiqup option at the checkout. This option is ideal for businesses that want to offer on-demand delivery and a seamless customer experience through their website.

Lastly, Quiqdash is our web-app which allows retailers to instantly order a courier (or Quiqee, as we call them) allowing business owners to track the journey in real-time so that they can ensure their goods have arrived at their destination on time.

Is Quiqup funded?

We are. We received Series A funding back in September 2015 from a number of investors, including Delivery Hero and Global Founders Capital.

What were you doing before starting?

I was involved in my family’s bakery and pastry business, where I gained the skills needed to set up and manage a successful company. After moving to London, I worked in a venture capital firm, where I met my future co-founders. We had great chemistry with one another, and we all left our jobs and started building Quiqup in 2014. I’ve experienced the business from all angles, having worked as a Quiqee when the business was first launched.

What’s the best thing about being based in London?

London was the ideal place for us to start Quiqup as there is a wealth of both talent and demand here. There are lots of retailers for us to partner with and also, as a rule, people in London tend to really value their time, which creates a need for on-demand services like ours. This has really helped us to grow quickly – we achieved 30% month-on-month growth in our first year, and our team has expanded to 80 people since we launched in 2014.

Starting up in a city as big and diverse as London was also a challenge of course, because of the sheer complexity of managing on-demand logistics in such an environment. However, this is great for us because it means that, once we solve the logistical problems of London, it will be easier to roll-out the same model in different cities.

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