Tech Pitch: Sliide

Winner of UKTI's Sirius Programme - the start-up which uses your phone's lock screen to show you tailored deals and offers...

Company name: Sliide
Founders: Corbyn Munnik (24), Frankie Kearney (24) and Paul Johnston (Johnston was coding when the pic was taken!)
Background: Munnik graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in accounting and Finance. Kearney worked for a global property services company and was approached by Munnik for Sliide. The two set up the start-up just before Kearney became a qualified surveyor.
Based in: London

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

Sliide is the UK’s first mobile app utilising the real estate of the locked screen of smartphones to deliver users with curated content. Content ranges from news from the likes of the BBC, to special offers from retailers and relevant articles. Users are also rewarded through weekly cash prize draws.

On sign up, Sliide asks you what sort of things you would like to be kept informed about, be it food, sport, art and culture etc. Sliide then takes these interests and matches them with time of day and location to distribute curated content to the front of users’ locked smartphone screens.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

Sliide is disrupting the way great brands serve rich media content to users through their mobile devices via an opt-in model that has the targeting ability to genuinely ensure that only useful information is presented. Sliide does not interrupt the user experience and does not appear unannounced.

Over and above this, our long-term goal is to disrupt the way people discover online content and offline fun.

Are you funded?

Sliide started with Frankie Kearney, COO, splitting his salary with Corbyn Munnik, CEO, back when he worked in the real estate industry. Kearney and Munnik then applied to, and were granted a place on, the Sirius Programme; UKTI’s graduate entrepreneurs programme which provide £1,000 per person per month for 12 months. This backing plus a mixture of personal investment, loans and competition wins got the technology and the company to stage where it raised a £325,000 seed round of investment. The company now forsees raising a series A round to enter new verticals here in the UK and to expand internationally.

What were you doing before starting?

Munnik founded TapNow; a mobile technology company that runs and tracks near field communication (NFC) campaigns for clients including TimeOut, ALDI, Ebay, and Sony Entertainment.

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Kearney worked at property company DTZ in the City. Munnik came to Kearney with the idea after the two had, well, ‘had a few’ and Kearney agreed to quit his job.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

It’s got to be the Butchers Hook, our local, a great pub that serves delicious Frontier lager. Other than that we would say the Innovation Warehouse, a co-working area in Farringdon – lots of people there are happy to help and itt provides a fantastic support network and access to some ‘been there done that’ mentors.


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