Tech Pitch: SwipeStation

The in-venue technology platform reflects on its “aha” start-up moment and being valued at £1.25m...

Company name: SwipeStation
Founders: Sam Fresco (24), Syd Nadim (40)
Background: Business development, marketing and social media
Based in: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

  • SwipeStation is an innovative in-venue device that tracks campaigns from inception through to redemption, providing a full understanding of customer engagement.
  • SwipeStation offers brands an innovative solution connecting online and offline consumer behaviour seamlessly.  It enables consumers to redeem promotions in an instant, secure and appealing way.
  • It provides real-time control over campaigns as well as a striking physical presence in-venue, which provides new and disruptive opportunities for branded experiences.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

The product is an industry changing concept that finally enables brands to ‘close the voucher loop’. This being, consumers are able to view vouchers in-venue on a smartphone but are often unable to redeem on-the-spot due to needing to print and the industry’s need to verify and manage the vouchers.

The ‘aha’ moment for SwipeStation dawned when we realised how creative the campaigns can become when a screen, printer and scanner work in conjunction with smart phones and/or printed media.

SwipeStation targets environments with high footfall and rich dwell time. The product design of the unit helps to enhance the customer journey, rather than interrupting. This means embracing the user’s behaviour when they are engaged with a campaign and offering a platform to really support a wide variety of markets.

Are you funded?

We recently secured more than £300,000 in funding from two key investors, valuing the company at £1.25 million. It’s a huge vote of confidence that two experienced businessmen share our vision and are willing to invest a considerable amount of cash into helping make that vision a reality.

What were you doing before starting?

Co-founder Fresco had previously been working at Clock, one of the UK’s top 100 award winning digital agencies. Fresco joined Clock three years ago as a social media executives and grew through this role into marketing manager then across to business development where his commercial skills were allowed to be refined and honed.

Fresco took the learning and understanding of the hospitality sector (Clock’s main clientele) which was then applied to a Minimum Viable Product; the humble beginnings of SwipeStation. Either this or one too many trips to the pub…

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

We’re based out of a beautiful converted school house in leafy Hertfordshire. We get the benefits of the country life, all within a 30 minute commute to London. Our office is housed alongside Clock so we are plugged into a network of talent and expertise.


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