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Tech Pitch: TaxGo

Launched this year, this Cheltenham-based firm has "re-engineered" traditional accountancy processes for micro businesses and solopreneurs...

Company name: TaxGo
Founders: Carl Reader (36), Ben Herbert (40), Aynsley Damery (45) and Sophia Maynell (39)
Background: Reader is a leading business expert and advisor, and author of The Startup Coach and The Franchising Handbook. He heads up d&t and has co-founded a number of businesses, including TaxGo and Selling a Franchise.
Based in: Cheltenham
Launched: 2017

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

TaxGo provides 21st century accounting at 1950’s prices – accountancy and tax returns filed for under £20 per month.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

It’s very simple. Most accountants focus on the 1.1 million businesses with large numbers of employees and are not geared up to help the “solopreneurs” and micro businesses.

So, we’ve re-engineered every system and process so that we can offer the compliance that these businesses need on a very low-cost subscription model.

We’ve designed our own bespoke onboarding and management system, and have fully integrated the latest technology rather than just layering it on top of “what we’ve always done”.

Is TaxGo funded?

So far we are entirely self-funded; however we have projected for equity investment over the next year. Based on what we have seen so far, we have some very strong metrics and a huge market opportunity.

What were you doing before you started TaxGo?

We’ve all run award-winning firms of chartered accountants, so know the industry inside out – warts and all.

As well as co-founder of TaxGo, I (Reader) am also a business advisor. My focus is on offering straightforward, accessible advice to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to start and grow. I've also written two Hodder books – The Startup Coach and The Franchising Handbook.

I also head up d&t, a multi-award winning, medium-sized accountancy firm supporting thousands of businesses across a wide range of sectors, and have co-founded a number of businesses alongside TaxGo, including Selling a Franchise (a business brokerage).

What’s the best thing about being based in Cheltenham?

It’s very simple – we already have offices and an infrastructure in both Cheltenham and Swindon. We chose Cheltenham because of the access to strong talent in respect of coding and project management, plus the postcode is a tad nicer!


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