Tech Pitch: Toucan

The digital platform that connects entrepreneurs to luminary mentors such as Julian Metcalfe and Richard Reed tells Startups more about its exciting proposition…

Company name: Toucan
Founder: Rasha Khawaja
Background: Khawaja studied at Oxford and Cambridge before working at Condé Nast and the Kids Company.
Based in: London

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

Toucan helps turn business ideas into reality, supporting and connecting creatives and innovators to inspirational mentors to add value to fledgling ventures. We cover fashion, food, fitness, technology, and everything in between.

Why is there a need to disrupt?

We simply want to democracise entrepreneurship so it is available to everyone. At the moment, it is very exclusive and we want anyone to feel that they can have an idea and make it a success. Anyone can have access to a personal world-class mentor without comprising on quality.

Are you funded?

Toucan was self-funded for the first four years. It is now going through its first round of investment as we look to expand.

What was the team doing before starting?

The current team has a breadth and depth of experience in journalism, publishing, full stack development, system implementation, legal, finance, charity work and marketing. Four have run or founded their own successful businesses before, bringing experience for top level strategic thinking through to the essential tasks of start-up life.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

We are based in Westminster. The propinquity to culture, character, talent and customers – of the 45,000 businesses in the borough, over 80% have under 10 employees – constantly educates and inspires. The Victoria BID investment and implementation, aiming to increase public space in the area by 150%, is testament to the district’s powerhouse reputation.


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