Tech Pitch: ZipJet

The founders of the Rocket Internet-backed dry cleaning start-up explain why it's time for consumers to demand greater convenience than ever before...

Company name: ZipJet
Founders: Lorenzo Franzi (32) and Florian Färber (33)
Background: Both have backgrounds in finance and consultancy and have worked for likes of KPMG, Mckinsey and JP Morgan.
Based in: London and Berlin

Very simply, what does your tech start­-up do?

ZipJet is an app‐based, on‐demand laundry and dry cleaning service in London and Berlin. We pick up customers’ laundry and dry cleaning in convenient 30‐minute time slots, do the dirty work, and then return the laundered garments with a 24‐hour turnaround.

Using our app, customers are able to schedule their pick up or drop off at a convenient time, home or office. We operate seven days a week, 7am ‐ 10pm.

Why’s there a need? What do you disrupt?

We believe ZipJet is in the vanguard of the on‐demand movement. We are challenging old assumptions about the service economy, encouraging consumers to demand greater convenience than ever before. In our view, technological innovation is the key to solving the time poverty phenomenon. ­

Where consumers once dreaded laundry day, they now look to us to deliver new convenience. In our busy everyday lives, consumer need for time is unprecedented. ZipJet’s laundry revolution is inspired by this need. Rather than managing time, ZipJet allows consumers to create time. The on‐demand aim should always be to liberate consumers from tedium.

Are you funded?

Yes: We are fully funded by Rocket Internet and a series of strategic investors.

What were you doing before starting?

Franzi: I started my career in finance, spending a little under four years at JPMorgan Chase. I later worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company for a couple of years. It was during my time at McKinsey that the idea of ZipJet was conceived: working long hours, convenience had become a personal necessity.

Färber: Previously worked with KPMG and BCG as a consultant. Before launching ZipJet, also headed up business development at Trend; a German start-up specialising in automotive e-commerce.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

London and Berlin are centres of revolutionary thought, both historically and in modernity. Because our mission is to revolutionise the way the world does its dirty laundry, our team is able to draw inspiration on a daily basis from our urban surroundings.

There’s always something new going on in London and Berlin, and it helps us to think outside of the box to hone our mission statement.


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