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Tech Trends for 2016: Human robots, virtual reality sex and more…

Startups brings you the big technology trends that will make waves next year - expect to see major developments in science, robotics and sex...

Technology is increasingly shifting from fictional concepts to hard-nosed commercial reality.

In 2015, we saw the evolution of driverless cars, hoverboards and civilian drones but in 2016, tech will go one step further to delivering Sci-Fi fantasies with the dawn of ‘cyborgism' and ‘synthetic human organs' on computer chips.

Robotic technology will feature heavily next year and it's fairly reasonable to assume the gadgets and technology depicted in films such as Star Wars and Back to the Future will shortly become part of our everyday lives. Just take a look at the rise of biohackers using microchips to answer calls, enter a building or start their cars, or the development of ‘artificial skin'.

From technology which generates live holograms; imagine watching Netflix on a hologram TV, to intelligent sex toys which can be synced for ‘virtual sex', the future of technology is awe-inspiring, giddyingly exciting, and ever so slightly sinister.

Click the links below to view the next level tech trends that will define 2016, or follow the arrows to browse the trends:

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