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Tech trends for 2017: Lab-grown food, delivery robots and more…

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Is technology making us lazier and dependent?

That might be your initial thought when you view our predictions of the big technology trends of 2017.

In 2017, self-driving delivery robots will roll-out across London, our IoT-connected fridges will order groceries for us, wireless charging docks will become the norm, and we'll see digital home assistants take off. It would seem that convenience and technology go hand in hand.

However, while many of our predictions focus on the technologies that will make our lives easier and more efficient, there are a number of tech trends that will go much further than convenient lifestyle solutions:

We'll see the growth of technologies with major economical, social and physical implications with new developments to close the UK's skills gap, bring healthcare to people anywhere in the world, end world food shortages, and remove the ‘middle man' from financial transactions.

The tech trends that will gain traction in 2017 have the power to fundamentally change the world as we know it. A scary future or a gateway to new opportunities? You decide…

Follow the links below to view the tech trends that will disrupt 2017, or click on the arrows to browse through the trends:

Lab-grown food
Tech universities
Digital doctors
Security of Things
Smart luggage
Programmatic commerce
Delivery robots
Digital twins
Wireless charging
Smart glasses
Digital home assistants


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