Tech trends that will disrupt business in 2014

We review the big trends set to shape the world of technology next year – and share some other fast-growing concepts

After a busy year which saw crowdfunding and big data take off, Startups and Growing Business look to the year ahead and the chief technology trends set to emerge in 2014.

We spoke with entrepreneurs and experts within the space who shared their predictions of the UK’s next big thing and the tech changes that will impact upon business. From trousers that predict your mood to digital money and cloud sensors, 2014 will be characterised by an ever-growing reliance on technology in completing even the most basic of tasks.

Follow the links below to view the game-changing tech trends for 2014 or click through the arrows to browse the trends.

1. The future of Bitcoins

2. PlayCAPTCHA games

3. Real-time mobile targeting

4. Wearable technology

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5. Evolution of the Internet of Things

6. Smart Cities

7. Virtual reality

8. Additional tech trends in brief to watch

Do these big tech ideas resonate with you? What key trends do you see influencing business in 2014?


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