Tendering intermediaries fight for business

Website re-launch undercuts competitor prices

The competition to provide small and medium-sized businesses with lucrative EU tendering opportunities is hotting up with the re-launch of europeantenders.com.

The news will be welcomed by businesses seeking public sector contracts as subscription costs may come down across the board. The re-launched website claims to allow users to search for tenders based on keywords, from a database of nearly 60,000 business leads at any given time.

Its previous incarnation searched only titles and basic information within various tenders documents, whereas the updated version searches entire documents with what it claims is a more sophisticated automated system.

Businesses are charged an annual subscription of £99 for which users can enter up to 10 keywords about the kind of contracts they are looking for, and are emailed daily with tenders that match their criteria.

“With viable leads arriving in their in-boxes every day, subscribers are able to follow up immediately and generate business without the need to sift through inappropriate tenders”, said Adrian Teasdale, digital futurist for europeantenders.com.

The new automated system means that the site can offer the service at a much lower rate than competitors Tenders.co.uk and Tenders Direct, which offer a similar service for £600.

Each of the sites subscribe to various sources for tenders all over the continent and then collate them into one format for its users.

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A wide range of businesses already subscribe to the sites, ranging from smaller companies such as security firms, to larger businesses.

The tenders emailed to users come from sources such as government agencies and councils all over Europe.

Speaking about Europeantenders.com’ new low price, Masoud Gerami, managing director of Justice Publishing, which own tenders.co.uk, said the quality of service was a major factor, and not just price.

‘Time will tell’ what happens with europeantenders.com’s lower prices, Gerami added.

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