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Web address
User-generated content
Social influencer
Content management system
Going viral
Brand storytelling
Online presence
Professional email addresses
Website builder
Responsive design
Social hub
Like an online postal address, every website on the internet has one that is unique to them
Adds diverse voices to your website
Getting an endorsement from these people can be very positive for your business
A useful way to share information in a visual and engaging way; great for sharing on social media
A new way of thinking about online communications
A central platform through which you can write, edit, delete and manage all of the content on your website
A good example of this is the ALS ice bucket challenge that swept the internet in 2014
Guinness has been one of the best at this type of marketing
The collective term used to describe existence of an individual or business on the Internet
For example, sales@yournewbusiness.com
Tools available that will take you through the process of creating a website
Something for free, such as a basic website, but additional premium services are then offered
This refers to the layout and design of your website and how it changes depending on who is viewing it
A way of pulling the feeds of all of your different social networks into one place