The Advert Channel: Chelsey Baker

Chelsey Baker's varied career has seen her be a model, financial trader and actress. She is now building a mini TV empire. She tells us how.

Chelsey Baker is clearly the type of person who would be bored with a 9 to 5 ‘job for life’. A quick glance over her CV reveals that over the last six years she has been an author, model, actress, guest speaker and groundbreaking entrepreneur, having launched the world’s first 24 TV station dedicated to adverts.

While the director of a large financial brokerage firm, Baker wrote ‘How to Stop Existing and Start Living’ in 1998. A year later, she embarked on a radical career change, becoming an actress and model, having bit parts in various TV shows and films ranging from The Bill to The World Is Not Enough.

Baker returned to the world of financial trading in 2000, before creating The Advert Channel in September 2004. She feels that a deep well of determination has helped her achieve such rapid shifts in career.

“I have always been self-employed,” she explains. “From day one I knew that I was more than capable of being my own boss.

“I had the dedication and drive to do what I wanted and this applied to my career as an actress, writer and consultant.”

Launching the Advert Channel was a potentially risky move by Baker, who had no experience in running a TV station. But the venture has been such a success that the former model is planning to set up a further four channels in 2005.

“There was a gap in the market and I felt it was about time that there was a channel dedicated to showing adverts as a form of entertainment and with my experience in marketing and knowledge of the television industry I was able to combine my experience with my interest in television,” she says.

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Despite Baker’s obvious self-confidence, she admits that starting a TV channel from scratch with her own money wasn’t an easy task.

“Starting a channel that had never been done before was a huge challenge, there wasn’t anyone who could advise us on content or marketing so it was down to trial and error,” she explains.

“I have learnt that anything is possible in business, if you believe in yourself. If something doesn’t work out the first time then keep trying, as 95 per cent of people give up, so if you try again you can succeed – don’t follow the crowd.”

Baker clearly doesn’t believe that there are many obstacles to succeeding in business if you possess enough determination and self-confidence.

“If anything, I would say ‘rise above all the negative influences and comments that everyone will throw at you, listen to yourself and no-one else, and you will be a success.’

“I always believed that I deserved success and I think what you believe about yourself will massively influence the results you get.

“Decide what you want and pursue it with unrelenting determination,” she advises.

The future looks bright for Baker who, for now at least, is content with expanding her fledgling TV empire.

“The new TV channel is just part of a new multi-channel media company that my business partner and I are launching,” she explains. “We’re launching at least three channels within the next 12 to 18 months.

“The second channel is expected to be on air by April 2005. I’m also writing a book about success which will be published next year.”



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