The Apprentice 2016, Week 2: The best business quotes, gaffes and advice

This latest episode saw teams produce an advertising campaign for jeans. But which contestants were caught with their pants down?

If you thought things could only get better for this year’s Apprentice candidates – you were wrong. Following up on last week’s market stall task, this episode saw teams Titan and Nebula creating an advertising campaign for jeans which finished with a pitch to a panel of leading industry experts.

Not one to dish out praise lightly, Lord Sugar sent BOTH teams back into the boardroom following a disastrous showing with no clear winner.

Remembering that with disappointment comes opportunity, we’ve compiled the best business quotes, gaffes and business advice for this week’s episode – ensuring you won’t make the same mistakes as these aspiring entrepreneurs…

Worst business decision

With neither teams selected as the winner for this week’s task, you can be sure there were plenty of terrible business decisions by both teams. Grainne’s suggestion to film the commercial for their luxury jeans brand in a toilet meant Nebula’s campaign was always destined to go down the pan.

Business tip: The benefits of a successful advertising campaign can do wonders for your business – with a successful ad potentially enabling your business to become a household name. On the flip side, a campaign that resonates badly with the general public could do detrimental damage to your start-up. Going down the advertising route? Read our guides here

Biggest gaffe

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Eccentric at the best of times, online fashion entrepreneur Jessica suffered a mini-meltdown after she forgot to bring team Nebula’s jeans…to the jeans photoshoot! Her negligence left Karren Brady stunned, her team in disarray, and the photographer shaking her head.

Business tip: An absolute must to succeed in business, good leadership skills are vital if you want to command the respect of your team and build a successful company. Indecisiveness and a lack of genuine confidence often trickles down to the team around you. Read our guides on leadership skills here.  

Biggest business ‘cringe’

Appearing both unprepared and disinterested for his pitch of team Titan’s jean, contestant Mukai stumbled and bumbled through his presentation to a panel of industry experts. Hardly inspiring, his performance was widely ridiculed and, coupled with his poor team management, earned him a place in the bottom six in the boardroom.

Business tip: Failing to prepare, really is preparing to fail. Few things are worse in business than a bad pitch or presentation. How can you expect potential investors to be interested in your product if you didn’t even take the time to learn about it yourself? For advice on pitching, read our guides on presenting here.

Most unhelpful comment


minidisks comment

With both teams tasked with the challenge of producing packaging for their jeans, special attention was paid to making a high-end box with the hope a potential consumer would hold on to it.

The discussion allowed Oliver to take us back way-back-when, when he mentioned he kept a fragrance keep his MiniDiscs in!

Business tip: With unboxing videos now somewhat of an online sensation, your product’s lifespan can be extended indefinitely if you create packaging worth keeping. Read this guide to create a packaging experience your customers will remember.

Best branding lesson


Lord sugar week 2 image

The poor performance of this week’s teams left Lord Sugar anything but speechless. Ripping into team Titan and Nebula for their questionable advertising campaigns and branding, Sugar took aim at Rebecca’s choice of ‘Unclaimed’ for the name of their Japanese jeans brand.

Business tip: Much like last week, the contestants are overlooking the importance of branding and business names. Picking the right branding can engage your audience and attract your target market, while the wrong choice will alienate potential buyers and ultimately send out the wrong message.

You’re fired



The second contestant to be fired was hair and beauty salon owner Natalie Hughes, who spent most of her energy in week two doing just that – hairdressing. Prepping the models for the jeans photoshoot, Natalie got a dressing down from both Lord Sugar and her team for not carrying her weight and was promptly cut from the competition.

A self-described ‘hustler’, Natalie proved her business lexicon needs improvement as she didn’t understand what was meant by a ‘strapline’.

Business tip: A cliché, but true nonetheless, your team really is only as strong as the weakest link. Is your business carrying some dead weight? Here’s how to build your team properly.

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