The Apprentice 2016, Week 8: The best business quotes, gaffes and advice

It was all tempers and tears as the candidates staged events at prestigious London locations – but which candidate got the chop and why?

This week Nebula and Titan were challenged to put on glittering social events in two of London’s most prestigious locations, with punters able to seek a refund for the full price of the ticket if they weren’t satisfied.

Nebula, led by Paul, was given world famous waxworks Madame Tussauds, while Titan, managed by Dylan, was tasked with staging an event in the London Aquarium.

Tempers flared and tears flowed, but who would become the latest victim of the boardroom. Read on to discover the business lessons you can learn from this week’s episode of The Apprentice

A lesson in staff management

Paul and Jessica were at each other’s throats from the start in this week’s task, with a lack of communication contributing to uncertainty over pricing and growing tempers.

Paul subsequently demoted Jessica from her role as sub team leader and replaced her with Frances. The whole thing came to a head during a blazing row between the two in front of their guests, which caused many to request a refund and Nebula to lose the task.

On top of this, Paul’s behaviour in the boardroom was aggressive and antagonistic towards even Lord Sugar – ultimately this led to him being fired.

Business tip: There are always going to be disagreements in business, but behaving in the way Paul did will only create friction. Make sure you resolve any conflict in a professional manner, and don’t involve customers, or take Claude’s advice: “By all means, go somewhere private and have a good row if you need to.” These staff management tips are particularly relevant.

How not to budget


Despite her sterling performance and first ever win last week, Frances came unstuck when it came budgeting for food.

Am attempt to cut corners by designing own cut-price canapés on a tight budget produced pitiful results. Her allocation of around £200 in total for all 100 punters resulted in £183 worth of refunds.

Business tip: Cutting corners in the short-term can cost you big in the long-term. When you have paying customers to impress, don’t be stingy in your offering – it can damage both your profits and your reputation. Read our budgeting and setting prices for more on this.

A poor performance

Courtney aquarium

Put in charge of selling tickets, sub team Courtney and Grainne gave a distinctly lacklustre performance this week. From struggling to sell product to giving a guided tour of the aquarium, if they weren’t on the winning team it’s doubtful they would have survived being brought into the boardroom.

Their attempts to sell tickets to the event lacked passion and confidence, and there was onfusion over the nature of the entertainment which resulting in the need to backtrack on comments. Later, the pair oversold tickets for a guided tour – which was led by Courtney and failed to deliver.

Business tip: If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, neither will your customers. Always give 100% as it may pay dividends at a later date. A lesson in communication is just what the candidates need.

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