The Apprentice, Week 10: The best business quotes, gaffes and advice

This week’s task saw the teams create their own brand of flavoured gin, but which contestant would need to drown their sorrows?

A £1bn industry, teams Titan and Nebula were this week tasked with creating their own brand of gin.

Developing everything from the flavour to the branding, contestants then had to pitch their product , three times, to judges from a national office-license, supermarket and chain of pubs.

While team Nebula, consisting of Alana, Courtney and Jessica, opted for a raspberry and pink peeper gin, Trishna, Grainne and Frances of team Titan opted for spiced-gin with an artificial orange colour; a decision that would see Trishna fired from the process.

Following some truly disastrous decisions, this week’s result was a landslide – and left us wondering do some contestants really have the bottle to be Lord Sugar’s business partner?

As always, we’ve rounded up the best business advice from this week’s episode, to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes with your start-up…

A lesson in staff behaviour

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While Frances was given the responsibility of branding the product on her own, Trishna and Grainne were tasked with creating the flavour and sampling possible combinations. A job they took great pleasure in fulfilling, the duo seemed to forget they were in the middle of the competition – ending up with 19 missed calls from Frances.

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Due to the lack of communication, team Titan were unable to explicitly state their gin’s flavour on its label and branding – which made many of the buyers feel uneasy,

Business tip: With Christmas party season fast approaching, it might be worth reminding staff that although you want them to enjoy themselves – there are limits on what can be considered acceptable behaviour.

Biggest marketing mistake


Creating a spiced-flavoured gin, Frances’ branding idea of a British traveller exploring Asia and bringing back unique ingredients, led to the decison to go with the business name of Colony  – with the logo featuring a map of India superimposed over Africa.

The brand was a major turn-off for buyer,  and members of the public, who felt the name conjured up images of slavery and some of the more negative aspects of the British Empire.

Colony received just 5,280 orders in comparison to Nebula’s Gin which received 71,400 order.

Business tip: It might sound obvious, but it’s imperative not to offend potential consumers. With political tensions heightened in recent months, it’s best to steer clear of any branding that could be construed or conflated with bigotry or racism. Read our guides to choosing a business name for more advice.

Best put-down from Lord Sugar

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Worse than any hangover, Lord Sugar’s quick wit in the boardroom can provide a sobering experience for even the most well-oiled entrepreneur.

The only remaining male contest, Courtney’s inability to set out his stall during a presentation meant he bore the brunt of Lord Sugar’s sharp tongue this week.

Business Tip: Nervous, robotic and very impersonal, Courtney’s pitches to various buyers was heavily criticised by the on-looking Claude – who felt he could have done a lot more to endear himself to his audience. For advice on pitching, read our guides on presenting here.

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