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The business book you need to read this month: She Means Business

If you're a believer in girl bosses and women supporting women then, Antonia Taylor argues, this book should be next on your reading list...

Name of business book: She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur by Carrie Green.She Means Business
As recommended by: Antonia Taylor, founder of Antonia Taylor PR

What is She Means Business about?

As a bit of an inspiration junkie, it’s honestly hard to fault She Means Business. It’s personal, passionate, honest and so, so hands-on and practical. Carrie Green tells her own entrepreneurial story, lessons learnt and sprinkles anecdotes of other successful business women.

It’s about getting into the right mindset and getting out of your own way, there’s a hardcore practical section, which moves onto the more philosophical, even spiritual side of creating a business that enables you to live a life you love.

Target audience?

Female entrepreneurs – Green is founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, a platform that connects and supports like-minded women.

Green has grown a powerful community, which she supports through Facebook groups, webinars and plenty of valuable, free content. Her style is unashamedly feminine; you have to be a believer in soft power, girl bosses and women supporting women to appreciate this book.

There’s a lot of superlatives in the language but, as someone who’s familiar with her style, this is Green’s voice and it comes through as genuine, passionate and authentic.

What’s the best bit of She Means Business?

The core of She Means Business is about mind set, about creating your own success on purpose, now.  From the outset, Green is clear about the power of positive thinking, visualisation and dreaming big to get closer to your goals. She also packs in plenty of exercises, tips and tools to encourage this process.

Why should business owners read She Means Business?

It’s power-packed with high-value, engaging and powerful advice. If you were to apply even 25% of the action plans in the book, it would be impossible not to create an unstoppable brand.

Each chapter ends with a ‘She takes action' section where Green walks through an exercise to take your thinking or doing to the next level. My advice would be to read through the book once then go back through this and apply each of her lessons to your own business – that’s my intention. I know it’s a book I will go back to time and time again.

3 top takeaway points for start-ups:

  1. When you set out to turn your idea into reality, you’re not just creating a business, you’re creating your brand. Your brand is all about how you make your audience and customers feel.
  2. How to avoid being overwhelmed – Green shares her process of creating a business hub to break down all facets of your business, setting processes and taking back control. As with many of the chapters, a downloadable template is available on Green's website.
  3. You are your biggest problem: As entrepreneurs, the one thing we have to keep on doing is showing up for our ideas and dreams, because we're the only ones that can turn them into reality.

Excerpt business owners can learn from?

“My challenge to you is to create your own Mission: Success Challenge – just in case there's a part of you questioning this right now and saying ‘Yeah right, as if I'll be able to create the business and life of my dreams'. STOP! I know you can do it.

“But, I am wrong (which I'm not, but let's just pretend for a moment), what's the point in thinking that you can't get there? What's the point in thinking that success is not yours for the taking? That your voice is worthless? That you have no value to offer? That you have no skill or knowledge to do it?

“What's the point in that? There is no point. It keeps you playing small.

“Ultimately we are here right now. We're living, breathing people who have incredible opportunities at our fingertips; if that doesn't scream at you ‘SPEAK UP, SHOW UP, BE AMAZING', then I don't know what will. In this crazy and amazing universe, that quite frankly we humans don't understand, we exist here on Earth for such a limited time, so make it count, and don't listen to the people who think it's not possible.” (Chapter: She Sets Off On Her Entrepreneurial Journey)

Book name: She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur
Author: Carrie Green
Date published: February 2017
RRP: £7.69 (paperback)
Synopsis: Having started her first online business in 2005 at the age of 20 generating $50,000 revenue a month, Carrie Green went on to start and scale the Female Entrepreneurs Association; an online community to inspire and empower women which now boasts over 350,000 members worldwide. In She Means Business, Green offers up advice, case studies and practical tools for ambitious and creative women looking to pursue the entrepreneurial path  – with the focus fixed on there being opportunities for the taking.


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