The Flower School

Decking the halls with beautiful flowers, and training others to do so too

Company: The Flower School
Founder: Anita Lindeman
The Flower School organises stunning flower displays, and runs workshops and training courses to teach others the art of flower arrangement
To be launched in August

Through her years of experience working as a florist, Anita Lindeman became aware of a need for training when she began teaching at Oaklands, a large further education college in Hertfordshire.

In August 2011 she quit her job and started The Flower School, to provide a service to people, mainly women, who are looking for an outlet for their creativity.

There’s a huge market; pretty much every celebration calls for flowers, as do more solemn occasions such as funerals and remembrances. “Seasonal occasions like Christmas and Mothers’ Day are busy times for us but the Jubilee is a fantastic one-off opportunity: I’m going to run a workshop on July 1 on making glamorous and bejewelled designs using red, white and blue for the Jubilee.”

At present Anita is working hard (“though I love it so much it’s not like work!) to keep up with demand for courses, workshops and the displays she is creating in Hertfordshire, but she is keen to scale the business, and ultimately plans to franchise The Flower School nationally, training others to run classes.


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