The Great British Startups Cup 2014: DesignMyNight v Seedrs

'Start-ups World Cup' semi-final two: a fierce content between a fast-growing app for nights out and a highly influential platform for seed investment...

Referees: Oli Barrett and Doug Richard

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In our second ‘going out app’ versus ‘alternative finance match-up, we saw the excellent DesignMyNight take on the formidable Seedrs. With referees Oli Barrett and Doug Richard championing the sides throughout the tournament, it was all set for an intriguing contest. The frenetic start suggested we would be in for a tight game, with nothing to separate them early on.

Midway through the first half though Seedrs began to ease through the gears, scoring through their finely honed website, something they’ve clearly been developing. Somewhat deflated after going behind, DesignMyNight conceded again with no response to Seedrs’ slick pitching skills.


Referee’s comments: DesignMyNight
“DesignMyNight is already partying its way across five UK locations and seems like an excellent place to find suggestions for a night on the town. I like the way you can choose from “budget” to “splash the cash” however I think many will simply find inspiration here, making a beeline for the venue rather than booking through the site itself. I suspect that that the team are keen to do for bars what TopTable did for restaurants, and as they begin to invest more time in selling business-to-business, I wouldn’t bet against them. Individual drinkers may find some of the other members of this group a little sexier, however, for the better organised, and for party planners, this is the one to watch.”


A rousing chorus from DesignMyNight’s fans stirred the desired response, with their faultless social media presence boosted by the crowd, enabling them to reduce the deficit. Seedrs, however, remained calm and soon restored their two-goal lead through the rotation of their impressive squad. And when referee Richard took a close look at their business model the all-important finish soon followed.

As well as helping thousands in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Brighton to design their nights out, DesignMyNight have provided some thrilling entertainment throughout this tournament. But all good things come to an end and it will be Seedrs that make the prestigious final to play another going out app YPlan. Have they got the legs to go all the way?


Referee’s comments: Seedrs
“Seedrs, which allows startups to seek early stage investment from angels, helps entrepreneurs, investors, and the economy grow. I like that their minimum investment is very low, that they don’t charge start ups a fee to seek investment, provide active support in preparing the legal documentation required to raise a round of financing, and that they have expanded in to Europe.”


DesignMyNight Seedrs
Company name 4 4
Website 4 5
Elevator pitch 3 5
Social presence 5 + 1 Goal assist 5
Squad 4 5
Business model 4 5

Seedrs are through to the Final.


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