The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Fans’ favourite

Behind every great team are its loyal supporters – and small businesses are no exception.

Our teams have been battling hard over the last few weeks and our referees have been judging by some critical business criteria (including business name, website, elevator pitch and business growth potential) …but who is our fans’ favourite? We want to know! Click on each logo to recap who each of our teams are and cast your vote now…

Voting has now closed for this form. Voting closed Friday 18 July and our Fans’ Favourite was revealed Monday 21 July.


Gp A: Food delivery
Ref: Nick Wheeler
Gp B: Ad tech
Ref: James Layfield

Gp C: Going out
Ref: Oli Barrett
Gp D: Personal shopping
Ref: Holly Tucker

Gp E: Beer subscription
Refs: Andy McLoughlin & Alastair Mitchell

Gp F: Alt finance
Ref: Doug Richard

Gp G: Taxi apps
Refs: Hayley Conick & Russ Shaw

Gp H: Cycling
Refs: Nick Giles & Michael Hayman


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