The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Gousto v YPlan

The 'start-ups World Cup' quarter final results are in...

Referees: Nick Wheeler & Oli Barrett

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Two of the competition’s heavyweights finally came head-to-head in this eagerly awaited clash, and it certainly didn’t disappoint in the excitement stakes. ‘Tonight’s going out app’ YPlan hoped to stay in for once, and were confident of doing so following an impressive 4-1 win over online personal shopper Mallzee, whilst recipe box delivery business Gousto also came into the game on a high having beaten advertising tech firm Affectv by the same scoreline. From the moment the referees blew for kick-off, the two teams displayed attacking verve in an end-to-end game which saw YPlan take the lead through their appealing elevator pitch, only for Gousto hit back after their company name scored with a fine individual effort. It was Gousto’s turn to take the lead when their own elevator pitch made it 2-1 – only for YPlan’s excellent website to score a quick-fire brace before the break to help them nudge ahead.


Referee’s comments: Gousto
“Looks like a bit of a copy of one of the other entries in its group – but nothing wrong with that! Find something that somebody else is doing well and do it better! Love the concept. Nobody likes throwing food away, but we all do it. Website is very inviting with great imagery. Love the focus on the customer. This will get them a long way. Could improve the flexibility (2-4 people, 3 meals a week), but they say they are working on that.”

After such a dramatic first half, the crowd were buzzing as the teams filed out for the second. Such a febrile atmosphere meant that further goals were inevitable, and so it proved, with fans’ favourite Gousto’s passionate support earning them an assist to drag them back into the game. The game looked set for extra time and possibly penalties, but in the end YPlan’s superior squad depth made the difference as bringing on fresh legs saw them scramble in a late winner in injury time.


Referee’s comments: YPlan
“Describing itself as “tonight’s going out app”, this is all about seizing the moment (Y plan, when you can be spontaneous? Get it? Keep up at the back!). The app (which is available on android) is good-looking and easy to use, making great play of being able to “pay in two taps”. With half a million downloads in Britain and the US, they score highly across the board and must be seen as a hot favourite in this year’s championship.”


Gousto YPlan
Company name 4 4
Website 4 5
Elevator pitch 4 4
Social presence 4 + 1 Goal assist 4
Squad 4 5

YPlan are through to the Semi Finals.


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