The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group A Results

Match reports from the start-up teams in our food delivery group

 Referee: Nick Wheeler

Group A Scores
Chosen Bun Eatro Gousto Hello Fresh
Company name 2 3 4 4
Website 2 2 4 4
Elevator pitch 2 4 4 4

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The matches

Chosen Bun v Eatro

Kicking off the cup, burger delivery start-up Chosen Bun met ‘takeaway with a twist’ Eatro in a tense match that ultimately saw youthful team Eatro come out on top. In a closely matched battle of takeaways, the potential of Eatro’s proposition ultimately allowed them to sneak two goals ahead.


Referee’s comments: Chosen Bun
“Not enough imagery of great looking burgers. Would like a little more detail”

Gousto v Hello Fresh

In a nail-biting game that saw three goals apiece from recipe delivery start-ups Gousto and Hello Fresh, the evenly matched sides played out a thoroughly entertaining draw. Nothing could separate the two strong and well-drilled sides, with referee Wheeler highly impressed by the flair of their websites and ‘mission statements’.


Referee’s comments: Hello Fresh
“A great idea…a little off-putting to be forced straight into a recurring order model.”

Eatro v Gousto

Building on the momentum of their win against rival Hello Fresh, Gousto secured their second victory against peer-to-peer platform Eatro. Despite a late goal from Eatro, they were ultimately unable to overcome the more experienced and well-funded side.


Referee’s comments: Eatro
“Love the idea…but clearly done on a shoestring.”

Hello Fresh v Chosen Bun

Despite a disappointing loss in their first match, the Hello Fresh team played an aggressive attacking game that led them to a comfortable victory against quirky opposition Chosen Bun. Whilst the burger boys displayed flashes of brilliance, they could never quite deliver on their potential promise.


Referee’s comments: Chosen Bun
“Did not get over my pre-conception that a burger cannot be pre-made without going soggy and/or cold.”

Gousto v Chosen Bun

With a bid to finish top of the table, Gousto were under-pressure to perform – and perform they did. The team’s long-term commitment to “customer happiness” saw them secure their third and final win despite Chosen Bun’s admirable perseverance.


Referee’s comments: Gousto
“Love the focus on the customer. This will get them a long way.”

Hello Fresh v Eatro

Stealing their second convincing win of the tournament, Hello Fresh matched Gousto’s previous victory with a 3-1 win over Eatro. The young side showed plenty of promise, bagging a superb early goal, but their overall lack of focus in midfield allowed the Hello Fresh team to break them down defensively.


Referee’s comments: Eatro
“Be careful not to lose focus. Forget Paris, Madrid and Berlin. London is a HUGE market. Crack it here first.”


Group A Results Table
Gousto 2 1 0 7*
Hello Fresh 2 1 0 7
Eatro 1 0 2 3
Chosen Bun 0 0 3 0

* Gousto win the group on goal difference with a sudden death decider for growth potential

Gousto go through to play the runners-up of Group B
Hello Fresh go through to play the winners of Group B


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