The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group A

Meet the teams competing in the food delivery group

With an explosion of innovative food delivery businesses in the last couple of years and an ever-increasing desire for healthy and gourmet food – it seemed like a no-brainer to have a food delivery category.

Meet our teams below as we get prepared for an epic food fight…


Chosen Bun

One of our Startups 100 2014 and a 2013 Startups Awards finalist, Chosen Bun has enjoyed a series of business accolades for its innovative proposition – the UK’s first ever burger delivery service. Founded by young entrepreneurs Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman, the West Fulham-based takeaway company specialises in burgers that “taste immense and don’t go soggy” using their own-designed, patented, thermal induction-heated hot-bags to keep burgers ventilated and warm during the delivery transportation process.

Chosen Bun Startups Cup card
Eatro Startups Cup card


Disrupting the idea of traditional takeaways as unhealthy and processed, peer-to-peer food delivery marketplace Eatro offers takeaways with a twist. The first venture for young entrepreneurs Bar Segal, Daniel Kaplansky and Zifeng Wei; the business was borne from a frustration with “bland-tasting and repetitive” takeaway food. The trio’s solution – authentic wholesome meals cooked by professional local chefs and delivered to your door – is simple and effective, with Eatro charging 12% commission on every meal purchased through the platform.


Timo Schmidt and James Carter’s ambitious start-up is capitalising on the increasing consumer shift from offline to online food buying. Following an unsuccessful stint on Dragons’ Den, the duo subsequently raised £500,000 from a group of food industry veterans for their recipe box delivery service which provides “everything you need to cook delicious and healthy meals at home.” Their enticing recipes are changed weekly and delivered in exact quantities, allowing people to cook restaurant-quality meals with minimal wastage.

Gousto Startups Cup card
Hello Fresh Startups Cup card

Hello Fresh

With a mission to “transform the way people cook and eat”, Hello Fresh is more than just a simple delivery service. Founded by Young Guns Ed Boyes and Patrick Drake, the innovative start-up offers “everything but the chef”; delivering balanced recipes with the exact ingredients you need to make them to your door. With something for everyone, the online subscription service offers three different weekly boxes; ‘classic’ (from £4.90 per meal), ‘veggie’ (from £4.75) and ‘family’ (from £4.00).


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