The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group B Results

Final scores from our 'World Cup for start-ups' advertising technology group

 Referee: James Layfield

Group B Scores
Adzuna Affectv Captify PowerLinks Media
Company name 2 4 3 2
Website 2 3 3 3
Elevator pitch 3 2 3 3

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The matches

Adzuna v Affectv

Coming into this first match of the group there wasn’t a great deal to separate the sides, with both start-ups showing fine form coming into the finals – and it’s on such margins games like this are won. But it was the combination of Affectv’s strong company name and sharp website that edged past online classifieds engine Adzuna’s superior elevator pitch.


Referee’s comments: Adzuna
“The name doesn’t seem to connect from a consumer perspective; surely Classifads might be better?”

Captify v PowerLinks Media

Already a winner this year in the Startups 100, it was odds-on Captify would prevail. But to suggest Powerlinks Media was little more than a plucky underdog would do the in-content ad delivery service an injustice. In a fierce contest there was nothing between the sides’ websites or elevator pitches, but a rasping finish with the company name gave search retargeting specialist Captify a late winner.


Referee’s comments: Captify
“Seems like a good idea. The website seems a little over complex for such a simple business.”

Affectv v Captify

Having already secured their first points to jointly lead the group the two powerhouses met and fans were not left disappointed. End-to-end stuff here with Affectv taking an early lead for its company name, which went down well with the referee. Captify hit back with its clear and succinct elevator pitch and managed to hold on to close out the draw. Entertaining stuff!


Referee’s comments: Affectv
“Affectv seem to be just that, effective at any rate.”

PowerLinks Media v Adzuna

They may have lost their opening matches, but it wasn’t luck that got these teams through qualifying. In what many were describing as the ‘Group of Death’ it was always going to be tough going. But with the big numbers playing no part here, it came down to disciplinarian referee Layfield awarding Powerlinks a set piece of look, feel and functionality for what he judged a slicker website.


Referee’s comments: PowerLinks Media
“Good signs here. Get back to basics with a punchy plan to drive insane volumes and keep your USP.”

Adzuna v Captify

Captify may have been unable to see off the fearsome Affectv, but having taken four points already it felt as if the team had hit its stride here. An embattled Adzuna, facing two games on the bounce, couldn’t quite stand the pace here, with Captify’s name and website again proving decisive. There’s a great deal to be said for communication though and Adzuna did at least restore pride with a classy elevator pitch equal to any other in the group.


Referee’s comments: Adzuna
“It’s great space to innovate, but they didn’t quite have the legs here. Run lads make sure you stay ahead of the competition.”

PowerLinks Media v Affectv

Affectv just needed a draw here to qualify in second and that’s precisely what Glen Calvert’s ambitious team managed to do here. Ref Layfield again awarded Affectv a goal for a great name, but felt Powerlinks’ clear explanation of its business model was enough to equalise, with the teams scoring a goal apiece for their websites. A great way to end the group games and two strong sides – Powerlinks and Adzuna – will unfortunately be going home.


Referee’s comments: Affectv
“Their secret sauce, Signals, is not that well explained and the pitch does not differentiate if you don’t understand it. So guys shout about your USP, make it count.”


Group B Results Table
Captify 2 1 0 7
Affectv 1 2 0 5
PowerLinks Media 1 1 1 4
Adzuna 0 0 3 0

Captify go through to play the runners-up of Group A
Affectv go through to play the winners of Group A


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