The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group B

Find out who completes our advertising technology line-up

Digital advertising is not exactly a new niche, but it’s a changing, fast-growth (and extremely lucrative sector) so this is definitely a group not to miss.

Brave the ad tech language below to decipher your top picks for Group B…


Operating in 11 different markets globally, online classifieds engine Adzuna aims to make it easier for users to find their perfect job, home or car locally. Founded by Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro – the two met at Gumtree where Hunter was head of marketing and Monro was managing director – the platform offers millions of classified ads (the site currently has over 500,000 jobs, over 600,000 cars and over 700,000 properties) all in one simple search.

Adzuna Startups Cup card
Affectv Startups Cup card


Claiming to “revolutionise how brands advertise to people”, Affectv’s technology uses data to enhance ad performance and relevance for brands and publishers. Charging clients on a CPM basis, its intelligent technology interprets the world of data into “signals”, allowing Affectv to predict the most relevant prospect for an advertiser, and further influence the user to by surfacing relevant data. Founded by Glen Calvert, the ambitious start-up plans to turn every ad on the web into a unique recommendation for each person.


Awarded first place in our illustrious 2014 Startups 100 list, European digital advertiser Captify specialises in search retargeting techniques. Founded by 2012 Young Guns Dominic Joseph and Adam Ludwin, the young company “puts brands in front of consumers at the point of intent” – enabling advertisers to reach their desired audience on a one-to-one user level and delivering tailored ads in a timely fashion. Claiming to produce “industry leading results”, the duo have signed up an array of global brands.

Captify Startups Cup card
Powerlinks Startups Cup card


Following the success of their affiliate marketing business Shopow, founders Kevin Flood and Mike Harty made a seamless transition into digital advertising with PowerLinks; an innovative in-content ad delivery service. Over 800 websites have signed up to the platform, which offers a pay-as-you go fee – charged either on a pay-as-you-click or per-1,000 ad impressions basis. Combining real-time editorial indexing with rich audience data, users can deliver content and relevant advertising to targeted audiences, while retaining full editorial control.


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