The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group C Results

Final scores from our 'World Cup for start-ups' going out apps group

Referee: Oli Barrett

Group B Scores
DesignMyNight Frugl Twentysomethinglondon YPlan
Company name 4 4 3 4
Website 4 3 4 5
Elevator pitch 3 4 4 4

See the full judging criteria and more information about our Group C teams


The matches

DesignMyNight v Frugl

Nightlife concierge app DesignMyNight would have entered this fixture in a confident mood, having already launched in five cities and boasting a ‘does what it says on the tin’ name. But with a name like Frugl for great nights out on the cheap, nothing separated the sides early on. After edging ahead with an award for its website from referee Barrett, Frugl hit back with a late leveller from its excellent mission statement


Referee’s comments: Frugl
“I score them highly on their elevator pitch: ‘Do more and spend less with Frugl, the London events app for those on a budget’.”

Twentysomethinglondon v YPlan

Following three big wins at the Startups Awards 2013, including the overall Simply Business Startups Business of the Year title, YPlan started as strong favourite. While Twentysomethinglondon’s elevator pitch – ‘The best of what’s on in the capital, from our favourite independents’ – proved a match for their opponent’s ‘YPlan is tonight’s going out app’, the quality of YPlan’s company name and website prevailed.


Referee’s comments: YPlan
“Describing itself as ‘tonight’s going out app’, this is all about seizing the moment (Y plan, when you can be spontaneous? Get it? Keep up at the back!).”

Frugl v Twentysomethinglondon

Twentysomethinglondon needed a result here to stand a chance of progressing to the knock-out stages and it got one. The vital point was secured against a talented and youthful Frugl, with Twentysomethinglondon’s excellent website levelling matters after Frugl’s name secured an early lead. With nothing to separate the sides’ elevator pitches both teams will be satisfied with the draw.


Referee’s comments: Twentysomethinglondon
“Despite its name, the site makes your ageing referee feel that there may still be life after 30. A quick search yields several gems, including a Scottish pop-up in a steelyard called Dram & Smoke and a cracking pop-up brunch called Yolk.”

YPlan v DesignMyNight

In a very tight group, it was looking like DesignMyNight might make things really interesting after matching YPlan’s company name early on. But two powerful finishes, one of which was an unstoppable website from YPlan, DesignMyNight ultimately succumbed. An impressed Oli Barrett offered a constructive assessment in his match report.


Referee’s comments: DesignMyNight
“DesignMyNight seems an excellent place to find suggestions for a night on the town. I like the way you can choose from ‘budget’ to ‘splash the cash’, however I think many will simply find inspiration here, making a beeline for the venue rather than booking through the site itself.”

Frugl v YPlan

Frugl almost produced the shock of the group here against the much-fancied YPlan. With $12m in funding and a high-profile launch in New York, YPlan are the Manchester City of the group, but one-man-band Frugl’s name and mission statement almost helped them take a surprise point. In the final reckoning YPlan again powered through with its website.


Referee’s comments: Frugl
“Founded earlier this year, Frugl are the baby of group. For a small team, they have made an excellent start and their entry into the market should be welcomed by cash-strapped and savvy savers alike. With a limited website, Frugl are all about the app, which is currently only available on Apple. I would like to see them back in training for next year with a clearer business model and a little more progress with sales.”

DesignMyNight v Twentysomethinglondon

The decider of the group! Both teams entered the game with a point apiece following early draws and it was DesignMyNight who opened the scoring with a great company name. With a website stalement, Twentysomethinglondon snatched a late equaliser with what referee Barrett adjudged a great pitch. The draw left three teams level on two points, meaning the official’s assessment of growth potential was called upon to finalise the standings.


Referee’s comments: Twentysomethinglondon
“The site is attractive although if they have dreams (like others in the group) of global expansion, they are keeping it quiet. That said, there is more than enough here to deliver an impressive performance and this is a site which I have bookmarked for planning my next night out.”


Group C Results Table
YPlan 3 0 0 7
DesignMyNight 0 2 1 2*
Frugl 0 2 1 2
Twentysomethinglondon 0 2 1 2

* DesignMyNight goes through in second place with a sudden death decider for growth potential

YPlan go through to play the runners-up of Group D
DesignMyNight go through to play the winners of Group D


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