The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group D

Place your bets now for our personalised shopping group

Personalised shopping services are revolutionising the long-established and traditional retail industry; connecting customers virtually to one another, fashion brands and personal shoppers.

Take a look at the stats below and choose which squad to make your fan-favourite…


Grabble allows you to save items from any fashion e-commerce site using your ‘grab’ tool and then sends you an alert if it gets reduced. The site also offers daily inspiration through your Grabble teammates, which include 5,000 other users’ profiles and leading retailers like ASOS – who pay to create their own collection (and access essential user data). Founders Joel Freeman, Daniel Murray and Rob Durkin monetize through several revenue streams, including commission on sales, publisher widgets and generating brand awareness.

Grabble Startups Cup card
Mallzee Startups Cup card


Calling itself “the personal shopper in your pocket”, Mallzee is a social shopping platform that enables you to save or buy fashion products it suggests to you (Glamour calls it the Tinder of online shopping). The site has an instant voting system so you can ask for a teammate’s opinion before you purchase, and Mallzee develops with your taste – learning to filter its over 500,000 products from over 200 brands down to suit your unique taste. The site generates revenue through three streams commission, revenue and analytics – and currently has over 200 brands as a part of its retail squad.


Nuji is a shopping site built for today’s society with personalisation and community at its core. Nuji, Founded by Dean Fankhauser, Vincent Thome and Anton Meryl Nithianandan, the site allows users to create unique wishlists and track products from other users or brands – as well as offering discounts using a smart affiliate model. The social shopping site already has over 200,000 fans that can search through over half a million different products from over 40,000 affiliated retailers.

Nuji Startups Cup card
The Chapar Startups Cup card

The Chapar

The Chapar was launched “to get men shopping” by taking all the work out of it; you fill in a style profile on Chapar’s site and its team of personal shoppers pick out outfits especially suited to you and your needs, sending them out for you to pick what to keep and return what not – for free. Founded by a father-son team, Sam and Joe Middleton, that promise first-class personal stylists and premium clothes with no membership’s costs, and makes Chapar a favourite for many (including 2,000 customers and leading fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Kurt Geiger).


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