The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group E Results

Final scores from our 'World Cup for start-ups' craft beer subscription group

 Referees: Andy McLoughlin & Alastair Mitchell

Group E Scores
Beer 52 Beer Bods Beer Hawk Honest Brew
Company name 4 3 4 3
Website 4 3 2 3
Elevator pitch 4 4 5 3

See the full judging criteria and more information about our Group E teams


The matches

Beer 52 v Beer Bods

Kicking off this beer festival, the super-charged Beer 52 – with a name that evokes the jet-powered B-52 bomber – blasted into an early lead. Beer Bods had no answer in the website stakes, conceding from a narrow angle. But not wanting to go down with a whimper, Beer Bods restored some pride with its customer promise to help them ‘drink better beer’.


Referee’s comments: Beer 52
“The name is good and the elevator pitch is clear and compelling.”

Beer Hawk v Honest Brew

With an eagle-eyed ability to find great brews for customers, Beer Hawk got off to a great start, rounding Honest Brew’s name to take the lead. With Beer Hawk seemingly coasting, referees Andy McLoughlin and Alastair Mitchell punished their website with a yellow card, but a resounding finish from their elevator pitch secured a vital win.


Referee’s comments: Honest Brew
“The name is a little too similar to HonestTea (iced tea brand) so had visions of cuppas while browsing the website.”

Beer Bods v Beer Hawk

Having received a yellow for its website in the first game, Beer Hawk knew it might struggle with the match referees again. But after a cagey start, they took the lead for the second game in succession only to see Beer Bods equalise with a “clean, functional website”. Once again, though, Beer Hawk had something in reserve driving home their pitch to take a tight game.


Referee’s comments: Beer Bods
“Clean, functional website that does the job but didn’t excite me as much as some of the others.”

Honest Brew v Beer 52

Beer 52 followed up their opening game win with another convincing display here. There may not have been much in it, but Honest Brew didn’t quite have the legs in the final third. Instead, Beer 52 have developed an end product to match the promise and there was no answer to their three clean strikes.


Referee’s comments: Beer 52
“My favourite website of the bunch, using photography and design to great effect. “

Beer Bods v Honest Brew

Fans of the two fast-growing beer subscription services were salivating at the prospect of this one. There was a sense neither had shown their true form in the first games and while the game was a dead rubber it appeared to free them of their shackles. With nothing to lose an exciting game was tied at 2-2 before Beer Bods finished with aplomb, their elevator pitch nestling in the top corner to seal a tight win.


Referee’s comments: Honest Brew
“Nice, modern website although the photography is a little muted. They’re early on their journey but will have their work cut out to accelerate beyond their competitors.”

Beer 52 v Beer Hawk

Having already qualified, there was a suspicion these two sides would play out a draw in the final game – but that does not tell the full story. Referees McLoughlin and Mitchell awarded goals for the teams’ company names and then the game burst into life. Beer 52 smashed one in from distance with their website before Beer Hawk hit back with a great pitch to secure a deserved point.


Referee’s comments: Beer Hawk
“We loved almost everything about this company except their rather tired looking website. Their brand is good, their elevator pitch is snappy and their business model is the most mature of all of the companies.”


Group E Results Table
Beer Hawk 2 1 0 7
Beer 52 2 1 0 7
Beer Bods 1 0 2 3
Honest Brew 0 0 3 0

* Beer Hawk win the group with a sudden death decider for growth potential.

Beer Hawk go through to play the runners-up of Group F
Beer 52 go through to play the winners of Group F


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