The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group E

The perfect accompaniment to football, meet our craft beer subscription group

Capitalising on a worldwide trend, a new wave of online craft beer ‘clubs’ have arisen, helping consumers to discover a veritable goldmine of obscure microbrews.

This new market is already becoming crowded and competition is hotting up – take a look at our four selected businesses to decide who has the right recipe for success…

Beer 52

Making our Startups 100 2014 index, the Edinburgh-based beer delivery service takes the choice out of discovering craft beer. Launched last September and founded by James Brown and Fraser Doherty, Beer52 works with independent microbreweries to offer customers a selection of eight hand-picked unique and specialty brews for a monthly price of £24. With more than 2,500 subscribers signed up, Beer52’s founders aim to become the “Virgin Wines of craft beer”.

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Beer Bods

More than just a craft beer delivery club, Matt Lane’s beer club start-up has social and sharing built into its core. Subscribers receive 12 beers in the post every 12 weeks, and drink just one – all at the same time – every week, receiving the backstory behind the beer as they drink it. Users then share their thoughts about the brew on the BeerBods forums, creating a craft beer club with a real sense of shared experience and community.

Beer Hawk

The sheer selection of beers that Beer Hawk offers sets this start-up apart. Founded by Mark Roberts and Christopher France in 2012, Beer Hawk does the legwork for you, hunting out the best that craft beer has to offer from markets around the world. Customers can order individual bottles (from a selection of over 300) or cases based around a theme, such as ‘Great British Beer’. Beer Hawk also operates its own ‘Beer Club’, where customers receive a curated selection of 15 bottles monthly for a fixed fee.

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Honest Brew

Honest Brew does more than just deliver the same curated box of beer to every customer. The start-up’s subscription service delivers a uniquely personalised experience by allowing customers to specify their favourite flavours and types of beer, with Honest Brew’s team of experts creating a completely unique box of craft beers tailored just for you. Honest Brew also operates its own brewery, meaning subscribers can taste a growing selection of Honest Beers which aren’t found anywhere else.

Refereed by: Andy McLoughlin and Alastair Mitchell
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