The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group F Results

Final scores from our 'World Cup for start-ups' alternative finance group

 Referee: Doug Richard

Group F Scores
Crowdcube MarketInvoice Platform Black Seedrs
Company name 2 5 2 4
Website 5 5 4 5
Elevator pitch 4 3 4 5

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The matches

Crowdcube v MarketInvoice

Crowdcube came into this tournament with heady expectations. They may have emerged from the west country as opposed to some of their big London rivals, but the Exeter-based team have been flying, facilitating £26m worth of deals. But despite a great reception from their fans, referee Doug Richard penalised them for their company name. They recovered to match MarketInvoice’s smart looking website and then equalised late on with a well-taken pitch.


Referee’s comments: Crowdcube
“Crowdcube allows entrepreneurs to raise money swiftly and cost effectively.”

Platform Black v Seedrs

Seedrs are going to take some beating if their opening match against Platform Black is anything to go by. Referee Doug Richard gave a number of key decisions Seedrs’ way, with Platform Black penalised for its company name. Despite a strong recovery Platform Black, which has traded invoices to the value of around £65m on its platform, just couldn’t break through, eventually conceding to more goals to the in-form Seedrs.


Referee’s comments: Seedrs
“I like that their minimum investment is very low, that they don’t charge start ups a fee to seek investment, provide active support in preparing the legal documentation required to raise a round of financing, and that they have expanded in to Europe.”

MarketInvoice v Platform Black

Fierce rivals, but the two had never come face-to-face in a major tournament before. MarketInvoice immediately asserted itself with a name that neatly communicated both their marketplace and invoice finance strengths. They followed up with a rasping drive following a skillfully put together website, before Platform Black grabbed a consolation for a their simple, but effective elevator pitch: ‘The easy to use marketplace for Invoice Trading. This is Platform Black.’


Referee’s comments: MarketInvoice
“MarketInvoice helps businesses grow more quickly by liberating the working capital trapped within outstanding invoices.”

Seedrs v Crowdcube

There was a great deal of betting activity in the run-up to this game, which saw Crowdcube’s odds shortened significantly. But Seedrs has come into this tournament in a rich vein of form and capitalised on Crowdcube’s slow start, referee Richard again favouring Seedrs in a key early exchange. While Crowdcube kept it interesting until the end, it was Seedrs’ pitch that stole a winner and the three points.


Referee’s comments: Seedrs
“Seedrs allows start-ups to seek early stage investment from angels, helps entrepreneurs, investors, and the economy grow.”

Crowdcube v Platform Black

With just a point between them from their first two games, both Crowdcube and Platform Black were keen to salvage something from what many regard as the toughest group. Referee Doug Richard was having no truck with name-calling in the opening minutes, but then the game flowered into life. Crowdcube edged ahead with a smartly created website, with Platform Black coming close to levelling the tie late on only to see their overhead elevator pitch flash wide.


Referee’s comments: Platform Black
“Platform Black, a solid business built on streamlining invoice-based lending. With bank finance continuing to decline, and a growing trend of large enterprises choosing to delay payment for a long as possible, Platform Black helps steady and accelerate SME cashflow.”

MarketInvoice v Seedrs

MarketInvoice have made a name for getting off to fast starts and they caught Seedrs napping here too, putting their name into referee Richard’s good books. There was nothing to choose between their websites at half-time, but Seedrs finished the stronger, scoring after a well-conceived elevator pitch – ‘Seedrs is an online platform that makes it possible for anyone to invest in the early-stage startups they choose for as little as £/€10’ – put them in bags of space in front of goal.


Referee’s comments: MarketInvoice
“The recent commencement of UK government investment in SMEs through is interesting.”


Group F Results Table
Seedrs 2 1 0 7
MarketInvoice 1 2 0 5
Crowdcube 1 1 1 4
Platform Black 0 0 3 0

Seedrs go through to play the runners-up of Group E
MarketInvoice go through to play the winners of Group E


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