The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group F

Find out who the main players are of our alternative finance group…

Demand for alternative finance is on the rise and with the sector recently peaking at £1bn transactions, we look to the pioneers who are changing up the finance industry.

Get to know these major funding players as we prepare for kick-off…


The world’s first equity-based crowdfunding platform, Startups 100-listed Crowdcube has enjoyed rapid growth since its launch in February 2011 thanks to its offering which enables people to invest in “innovative” businesses in return for a direct equity stake. Founded by Darren Westlake andYoung Gun Luke Lang, in just three years the Exeter-based company has facilitated over £26m in 120 businesses to date and has secured authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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An online marketplace which allows small and medium-sized enterprises to sell their unpaid invoices to a pool of independent investors, MarketInvoice’s unique proposition has seen it become a popular funding option within the small business community. Launched in 2011 by Young Gun Anil Stocker and Ilya Kondrashov, the London-based platform has attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs who trade their invoices instantly with qualified buyers which range from hedge funds, to family offices, and global high-net worth investors. Since launch the site has processed over £180m through traded invoices.

Platform Black

Convinced that there must be a better way for businesses to keep on top of cashflow, in 2011 Louise Beaumont and Colin Levins launched Platform Black; an invoice trading platform which gives small and medium companies the opportunity to auction off their unpaid invoices to the highest bidder. The martketplace also offers a supply chain finance option allowing suppliers to trade company-validated invoices at attractive terms and claims to boast a 100% success rate.

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Supporting early-stage and pre-revenue start-ups to secure investment, Seedrs is determined to address the funding gap often experienced by new businesses. Launched in July 2012, the Startups 100-listed equity-based crowdfunding platform has scaled quickly and at last count had facilitated over £10m in 108 businesses. The site is also popular across the waters after it became the “world’s first” equity platform to operate overseas; opening its website to entrepreneurs and investors across Europe.


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