The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Group H

Meet the stars of the cycling group competing for glory

A booming area of the sports market, cycling is the sport of the moment and demand for bikes and cycling equipment is on the rise with the emergence of bike “hubs”, bike platforms and innovative new cycling products.

Meet the companies looking to ride their way to match finals…


Created by cyclists for cyclists, shopping platform Bikmo is keen to support the burgeoning bike industry by making it easier for bike aficionados to find new bikes or cycling equipment online and locally. Launched in November 2013 by Diary of a Start-up blogger David George, the site allows users to browse an array of leading bikes and bike-related products for the best prices in the market. Its underlying goal is to make people “get out and ride more”.

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Determined to upgrade urban cycling and make it “liberating, easy and open to all”, London-based Blaze has manufactured a new form of LED bike light, ‘the Laserlight’, which uses a laser to project the symbol of a bicycle five to six metres ahead of the cyclist. Designed with commuter cycling in mind by founder and CEO Emily Brooke, the product looks to reduce cycling accidents by tackling the issue of vehicles turning across an unseen bike.


A new concept in cycling, Cadence offers a one-stop shop for bike enthusiasts. Founded in 2012 by GP Ray Vella and his former patient Frank Beechinor, the company provides a range of bike-related services, such as bike fittings, cycle training, coaching and sports therapy, all under one roof. Based out of Crystal Palace, the bike hub also houses a “cyclist’s café” where cyclists can convene and share advice, and also runs cycling workshops and seminars.

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The latest venture from serial entrepreneur and Young Gun Rob Hamilton, Ride 25 is a cycle tour operator with a difference; offering people of “all shapes and sizes” the opportunity to cycle around the world in 25 short legs. Ran as a series of charity cycles, the company offers participants flexibility in how they complete each tour with the option to complete one leg over say four days or to complete the whole journey over 25 years.


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