The Great British Startups Cup 2014: Hello Fresh v DesignMyNight

The 'start-ups World Cup' quarter final results are in. Will food delivery service Hello Fresh or going out app DesignMyNight make the semis?

Referees: Nick Wheeler & Oli Barrett

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These two sides have grown into the competition. Finishing second in their respective groups, Hello Fresh and DesignMyNight saw off much-fancied sides from advertising technology (Captify) and personalised shopping (Grabble) in the first knock-out round. And there was nothing to choose between them in the early stages of this game, where a high-quality war of attrition ensued. Goals at either end punctuated the first quarter, but it was a stunning volley of silky linguistics from Hello Fresh’s elevator pitch that broke the deadlock at half-time.


Referee’s comments: Hello Fresh
“A great idea, piggy backing on the trend for healthy, fresh food delivered to the home. Good value. Not so flexible on the orders (only for 2 or 4 people) and a little off-putting to be forced straight into a recurring order model. Great for business if it works, but more important not to put off first customers. Inconsistencies worry me.”

Spurred on by their fantastic fans at the start of the second half it wasn’t long before DesignMyNight equalised, catching Hello Fresh unawares and the crowd seemingly sucking the ball over the line. The ‘goal assist’ (see fans’ favourite page) will go down as a turning point in the game as once level there was nothing to separate the sides. Squad depth came into play but referees Wheeler and Barrett judged the sides equally, with the match finishing finishing 4-4 after extra time, taking the quarter-final to penalties.


DesignMyNight win 4-3 on growth potential penalties.

Referee’s comments: DesignMyNight
“DesignMyNight is already partying its way across five UK locations and seems like an excellent place to find suggestions for a night on the town. I like the way you can choose from “budget” to “splash the cash” however I think many will simply find inspiration here, making a beeline for the venue rather than booking through the site itself. Individual drinkers may find some of the other members of this group a little sexier, however, for the better organised, and for party planners, this is the one to watch.”


Hello Fresh DesignMyNight
Company name 4 4
Website 4 4
Elevator pitch 4 3
Social presence 4 4 + 1 Goal assist
Squad 4 4

DesignMyNight are through to the Semi Finals.


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