The Great British Startups Cup 2014: YPlan v MarketInvoice

'Start-ups World Cup' semi-final one: a closely fought business battle between 'tonight's going out app' and their invoice finance marketplace rival...

Referees: Oli Barrett and Doug Richard

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Despite hailing from two very different continents of business (‘Going out’ and ‘Alternative finance’), when pitted against each other these two teams were very evenly matched. No goalless draws here, this match was end to end, with both business websites scoring sublime goals: technically accomplished and visually pleasing. Although referee Oli Barrett commended YPlan’s company name – “Describing itself as “tonight’s going out app”, this is all about seizing the moment (Y plan, when you can be spontaneous? Get it? Keep up at the back!” – it was MarketInvoice who countered and scored on the break with their own company name. Referee Doug Richard felt the peer-to-peer invoice finance platform was fit for purpose – “MarketInvoice helps businesses grow more quickly by liberating the working capital trapped within outstanding invoices”.

Not content to sit back, YPlan responded with a memorable and clinically executed elevator pitch (“Tonight’s Going Out App. Get inspired, pay in two taps and go.”) to leave the scores all square at the half time whistle.


Referee’s comments: YPlan
“With half a million downloads in Britain and the US, they score highly across the board and must be seen as a hot favourite in this year’s championship..”


The tidy formation of the MarketInvoice business model combined to produce a neat passing goal that kept them ahead for much of the second half. Both sets of fans really got behind each business, and with similar numbers of followers supporting the teams it was always going to be hard to break the deadlock for social presence. On this occasion, however, it was the YPlan’s fans who cheered louder to gain the business a much needed goal assist to take the game into extra time.

The squads of both businesses had the greatest depth and availability of team members of any in this year’s ‘World Cup for start-ups’, and any substitute, no matter how surprising, was more than matchable by the other team. Scores even at the end of extra time, it was only a bravely ambitious spot kick from YPlan that took them through to the final on business growth potential penalties by the narrowest of margins.


YPlan win 5-4 on growth potential penalties.

Referee’s comments: MarketInvoice
“The recent commencement of UK government investment in SME’s through is interesting. “


YPlan MarketInvoice
Company name 4 5
Website 5 5
Elevator pitch 4 3
Social presence 4 + 1 Goal assist 4
Squad 5 5
Business model 4 5

YPlan are through to the Final.


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