The Great British Startups Cup: Group G Results

Final scores from our 'World Cup for start-ups' minicabs and taxis group

 Referees: Hayley Conick & Russ Shaw

Group G Scores
Bounce JusTaxi Minicabit Minicabster
Company name 3 2 4 2
Website 3 2 5 4
Elevator pitch 4 3 4 3

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The matches

Bounce v JusTaxi

As Group G got underway it was a tense battle of two very similar looking teams. The taxi booking apps appeared closely matched at first, but when their websites were lined up side-by-side, JusTaxi was penalised by our refs for the basic functionality of its site, allowing Bounce to streak ahead with three impressive goals. Despite showing lots of promise, JusTaxi ultimately couldn’t convert in the final third.


Russ Shaw head Referees’ comments: JusTaxi
“A very good start was being made but not much information on their website.”
Hayley Conick head

Minicabit v Minicabster

These two similarly named teams looked like they were going to produce a close match, but with high scores across the board Minicabit started their Cup campaign strongly – streaking three goals ahead. Despite impressing our ref with its website, Minicabster’s name ultimately let it down and it was unable to pose any real danger.


Russ Shaw head Referee’s comments: Minicabster
“The website has useful information, but not quite sure about the name.”
Hayley Conick head

JusTaxi v Minicabit

After some tough decisions by our refs for its website in its opening match, JusTaxi knew they were up against it coming in to their second game and they were once again overpowered – this time by rival team Minicabit. Following a strong win in their previous match, the fiery squad look like strong contenders for the cup as they maintained another clean sheet.


Russ Shaw head Referee’s comments: Minicabit
“An excellent, user-friendly website…very clear and easy to use.”
Hayley Conick head

Minicabster v Bounce

A tough competition between these two early-stage taxi apps; both demonstrated clear promise with their effective, user-friendly websites. The final score sees a narrow win by Bounce, championed for its clear pricing models and catchy name.


Russ Shaw head Referee’s comments: Bounce
“The pricing is straightforward and clear. Pricing model for drivers is very clear, too. “
Hayley Conick head

JusTaxi v Minicabster

A good start by JusTaxi with a strong elevator pitch but Minicabster’s defence; its user-friendly website, took it to a close victory. Minicabster climbs up the leader board despite JustTaxi’s simple premise to enable users to “compare, book, save”.


Russ Shaw head Referee’s comments: Minicabster
“Especially good website in regards to getting quotes.”
Hayley Conick head

Bounce v Minicabit

A nail-biting match between these taxi app rivals with half-time ending on an equaliser on business propositions, but the game didn’t stop there. Minicabit’s excellent website and company name saw it win at full-time and it will now go through to compete in the next round.


Russ Shaw head Referee’s comments: Minicabit
“Good coverage and presence.”
Hayley Conick head


Group G Results Table
Minicabit 3 0 0 9
Bounce 2 0 1 6
Minicabster 1 0 2 3
JustTaxi 0 0 0 0

Minicabit go through to play the runners-up of Group H
Bounce go through to play the winners of Group H


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