The Great British Startups Cup: Group H Results

Final scores from our 'World Cup for start-ups' cycling group

 Referees: Michael Hayman and Nick Giles

Group H Scores
Bikmo Blaze Cadence Ride25
Company name 3 4 3 4
Website 4 4 4 4
Elevator pitch 4 4 2 3

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The matches

Bikmo v Blaze

An impressive start by bike enthusiasts Bikmo who showed that they knew “what they were talking about” with insider cycling knowledge and a strong website. However, it was Blaze that sped into goal scoring position with its “life-saving” laserlight bike solution and snappy name.


Nick Giles Referees’ comments: Bikmo
“The Bikmo team clearly know what they are talking about. The website and social media screams that this is a team that love cycling and that this will benefit the customers using their site. “
Michael Hayman

Cadence v Ride25

Having equalised with impressive websites and growth, Ride25 quickly became the goal-scoring champion with its strong business model and social media presence. Cadence struggled to win back possession as Ride25 took hold of the game.


Nick Giles Referee’s comments: Ride25
“Ride 25 is made for social media and the team are certainly making the most of it – it’s only been going since January but already has an impressive number of followers on Facebook and lots of engaged customers”
Michael Hayman

Blaze v Cadence

A match that showed potential to go either way but Blaze took possession with its bike product proposition that helps cyclists stay safe while tackling traffic. Cadence demonstrated rude health but its elevator pitch wasn’t clear enough.


Nick Giles Referee’s comments: Cadence
“Cadence has grown fast but the tagline doesn’t highlight all that’s on offer – it’s clearly more than just a bike shop, but you have to delve deeper to work that out. “
Michael Hayman

Ride25 v Bikmo

Bikmo and Ride25 went head-to-head in this battle of cycling innovators. Ride25 took an early lead by virtue of a their name, which succinctly describes the 25 bike tours it will run to take cyclists from London to Australia. There was nothing between the sides’ websites, but Bikmo, who connect cyclists to equipment grabbed a draw from the jaws of defeat with a barnstorming mission statement.


Nick Giles Referee’s comments: Bikmo
“Cyclists who know what they are doing will lap up Bikmo’s top tips, insider info and personal touches.”
Michael Hayman

Blaze v Ride25

Blaze’s combination of safety and efficiency won out in the end, though it was close thanks to Ride25’s bike tours with a twist. All square in the first half, the game had high-scoring draw written all over it, but Blaze, secured the passage of their LED bike projection into the next round, with a finely taken elevator pitch.


Nick Giles Referee’s comments: Blaze
“We rate Blaze because they have come up with an innovative response to a genuine challenge – they are already saving the lives of cyclists across the world.”
Michael Hayman

Bikmo v Cadence

Cadence ‘one stop for all enthusiasts’ just missed out against Bikmo. The online platform managed to beat Cadence, which combines a fitness centre, bike shop and café, here in a hard-fought match. With nothing to separate the sides’ company names or websites, it was Bikmo’s slick elevator pitch that secured the points, with referees Nick Giles and Michael Hayman penalising Cadence Performance late on.


Nick Giles Referee’s comments: Cadence
“There are clearly big plans afoot in the Cadence HQ and we’re excited by their energy but it’s important not to grow too fast and lose what makes them special.”
Michael Hayman


Group H Results Table
Blaze 3 0 0 9
Ride25 1 1 1 4
Bikmo 0 0 0 4
Cadence 0 0 0 0

* Ride25 take second place with a sudden death decider for growth potential.
Blaze go through to play the runners-up of Group G
go through to play the winners of Group G


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