The One Minute Manager

Increase productivity, profits and your own prosperity

The One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson RRP £6.99

The premise of The One Minute Manager is simple: – “To remind each of us to take a minute out of our day to look into the faces of the people we manage. And to realise that they are our most important resources.”

First published in the UK in 1983, it is not a new book. But its loyal following has seen more than a million copies sold worldwide and consequently, it claims, the leaders of American and Japanese industry have made the tome compulsory reading for all their managers.

Unusually for books in this sector, it is composed as a novel, with the reader following the journey of a young worker as he visits different kinds of managers and hears how they work and why. Yet in just 112 pages it reveals how to set goals, give praise, and reprimands – spending little more than a minute on each – and why this approach works.

While a book review can only tell you so much about a publication, the recommendations of its readers (fellow business people) speak louder. That being the case, The One Minute Manager is a must-read for any manager, and indeed, one fan claims its lessons can even be applied to raising children.


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