The pros and cons of working from home

Working at home is a delight for thousands, but it's not for everyone

Whatever your reasons – the long, hot and sticky commute, having to spend a good part of your morning drying your trousers after a passing car has sent the contents of a puddle over your suit – the prospect of working from home appeals to a lot of people.

The idea of being chained to your desk from nine-to-five sandwiched between a lengthy commute may seem like your only option, but recent improvements in technology have made working from home not only possible, but often easier than working in the office.

High-speed broadband, BlackBerry mobile phones and PDAs have all made working remotely possible, and there’s no reason why choosing a home based business idea and starting a business from home should have a negative impact on your ability to be successful.

Working from home generally does mean a better working environment for you, with no distractions such as office politics and at home there’s only once person to make tea for.

However, starting a business from home isn’t for everyone. A home based business opportunity can provide flexibility, but if you’re poorly organised it may not be for you.

Starting a home-based business can be an excellent way to be your own boss without facing high bills for renting office space.

Also, there are different issues involved when running a home-based business. Marketing, for example, can prove more difficult when you’re in a different location to your marketing department.

If you feel you could work from home, then a home-based business opportunity may be for you. There are many ways to start a home-based business. One idea is to look at this channel, where you can find everything involved, from finding a home-based business idea to how to start home based business opportunity.


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