The software you need for your business’ computers

Choosing the tools that bring your hardware to life

Once you’ve chosen the hardware specifications for your office PC or laptop you’ll need to think about the software that will fun on it.

Operating software

Typically, suppliers offer Windows XP Home Edition and offer you an upgrade to the Professional Edition. You can get more details of the different editions from the Microsoft website. Note if you intend to work with a Windows server, you will almost certainly need the professional edition. Most small businesses are probably better upgrading to the Professional Edition.

There is a new operating system due from Microsoft in early 2007 called Vista. This will slowly become the standard desktop software from that provider so it is advisable that any PC you purchase is deemed to be “Vista Ready” in case you wish to update your software.

Unfortunately, you do not usually get a discount if you want to install a different operating system such as Linux.

Other basic software

The functionality provided by Windows XP means that most utilities provided with PCs are of little value.

However, some PCs come with Microsoft Works. This is a simple, low cost alternative to Microsoft Office and might be all you need. Your system may also come with Microsoft Word which would be useful to you for the creation of letters and other documents. If you intend to use Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works still has value because you can use it to buy a lower cost upgrade version of Office rather than a full-cost version.

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