The Waste and Resources Action Programme

How the government-funded programme is helping business tackle climate change

Less a piece of legislation and more a sort of government-funded mission, the Waste & Resources Action Programme, or WRAP, is a non-for-profit company created by the government in 2000 to help private individuals, businesses and the public sector make better use of resources and tackle climate change.

As a business owner, this means they will work with you to help you make maximum use of your resources – whether this means giving manufacturing businesses advice on recycling superfluous wood, for example, or helping farming businesses in the production of ‘quality compost’.

The programme will also be working with the Third Sector to help firms gain support and access to investment.

WRAP also gives advice to consumers and small businesses on how to implement a more effective recycling programme, as well as how to reduce packaging, use green measures to enhance brand perception, and use fewer raw materials.

Among the tools on its website, the programme includes a multimedia guide to ‘evolving packaging’ – including views from consumers, guidelines on the legal requirements, and case studies on environmentally friendly, iconic packaging. Among the case studies available are Cathedral City cheese and GlassRite Wine.

Handily enough, it also includes a database of brands which use the lightest and heaviest-weight packaging, meaning small shops and retailers can pick and choose the products they want to stock based on how recyclable and energy-efficient they are.

For more information and guidelines from the programme, check its website at


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