Three-quarters of businesses believe government is failing on red tape

Many bosses taking matters into own hands to improve operating conditions

Over three-quarters of British businesses believe the government isn’t doing enough to combat red tape – so many bosses are now taking matters into their own hands, new research has revealed.

Of the 128 businesses which responded to a recent survey from IRIS Accounting and Business Solutions, 77% said this government’s attempts to tackle excessive regulation in the private sector have been inadequate.

Furthermore, 66% of respondents said that the coalition isn’t doing enough to stimulate business growth – an 11% increase on the equivalent survey last year.

In the absence of firm action on red tape and other key business constraints, many entrepreneurs are now taking a more day-to-day role in dragging their business out of the recession.

Sixteen per cent of the IRIS respondents said they are now paying closer attention to individual staff members’ spending; meanwhile, 41% believe that reviewing supplier costs is the best opportunity to reduce outgoings, and 37% are looking for smarter uses of software to minimise ongoing costs.

Paul Sparkes, product director, IRIS Accounting & Business Solutions, said: “The government must do more to strip away needless red tape if we are to see British businesses survive in the new post-recession reality. By implementing regulation that takes the focus away from entrepreneurial activities and business growth, the government is essentially shooting both itself and economic growth in the foot.

“It’s important that they [entrepreneurs] take time out to look at how they can improve procedures from the inside out,” added Sparkes.

“Assessing existing processes and ensuring they have the right tools and information they need to enable business growth is a small but simple step towards improving efficiencies and making better, more strategic business decisions.”

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