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Top 20 start-ups of 2012

Startups selects this year’s most outstanding new business launches

Start-ups with profit and founders with passion. Making the sales and getting the cash in. Lean manufacturing, done on shoe strings. These are a few of our favourite things.

The Sound of Growth would be music to the ears of business in 2013, but adversity is when entrepreneurs are at their best and we've compiled our very own list of 20 incredibly exciting companies started in 2012. And by ‘started', by the way, we mean launched, rather than incorporated.

Last year, we spoke of the economic permafrost and with the Siberian temperatures we've experienced in December, along with a fairly dreary Autumn Statement, the picture outside may not look inviting.

But hope springs eternal and optimism abounds in pockets of the business community up and down the country. And the Top 20 Start-ups of 2012 will warm your souls and infuse creative thoughts for what can be achieved in the year ahead.

From new forms of localised digital advertising to devices to inspire the next generation of computer programmers and from ethical products to new financial solutions, the ingenuity and innovation you're set to read about matches anything you might have seen before.

We've got major new apps and game changing platforms, teenage stars and industry veterans, global hopefuls and the ‘web of things'…

These are a few of our favourite things. In order of launch, here is our Top 20…


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